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Planning Basis for Global Development of the Aircraft-based Observing System

The work of the Aircraft-Based Observations Program for development of the aircraft-based observing system and the AMDAR system, is primarily based on two planning documents:

  1. The Implementation Plan for Evolution of the GOS; and,
  2. The Long-term Work Plan for the Aircraft-based Observations Program, as developed, maintained and approved by the relevant work teams and management of the CBS and CIMO OPAGs and Technical Commissions.

ABOP Strategy & Implementation Plan

Based on the above strategic framework, the responsible teams have developed the Aircraft-Based Observations Programme Strategy and Implementation Plan (A-SIP).

Work Teams

The achievement of the A-SIP will be undertaken primarily through the work and guidance of a CBS Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing systems (ET-ABO) within the Open Programme Area Group on Integrated Observing Systems and a CIMO Expert Team on Aircraft-based Observations (ET-AO) within the Open Programme Areas Group on Standardization & Intercomparisons.

The focus of ET-ABO will be the following elements:

  • AMDAR Program expansion, enhancement and capacity building
  • AMDAR Program implementation
  • Development and operation of quality management
  • Training and Outreach

The focus of ET-AO will be:

  • Scientific and technical specification, development and validation
  • Standardisation
  • Inter-comparison
  • Aviation systems integration

The Aircraft-Based Observations Program will be supported by the AMDAR Trust Fund under its Terms of Reference and based on an annually developed and approved budget.

Work Program of CBS ET-ABO

Work Program of CIMO ET-AO

Budget for the ABO Work Program

The Budget for the ABOP is based on the Work Plans of the above CBS and CIMO Teams that contribute to the development and management of the program and is supported by the AMDAR Trust Fund under its Terms of Reference.

The Budget Summary is based on the cumulative approved, expected expenditures within the approved Work Plans of the CBS Expert Team on Aircraft-based Observing Systems (ET-ABO) and the CIMO Task Team on Aircraft-based Observations (TT-AO).

Updated: 26 February 2015



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