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  1. ABO Data Quality Monitoring
  2. Data QM Reports from NCEP
  3. Other QM Reports
  4. Meteo-France QM Reports


Aircraft-based Observations Data Quality Monitoring

While there are important but a limited number of quality control checks that can be applied to aircraft-based observations data in its pre-processing prior to GTS transmission, a critical aspect of the aircraft-based observing system Quality Management System is the routine monitoring of data both at the national level by data managers and also by international data monitoring centres, through the procedures of the World Weather Watch, Data Processing and Forecasting System, Observational Data Quality Monitoring.

Data Quality Monitoring Reports from NCEP

The Lead Centre for aircraft-based data monitoring is the World Meteorological Centre, Washington, with the data monitoring processes carried out by the USA National Weather Service, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, Central Operations.

At the current time, aircraft and AMDAR data monitoring is limited to the compilation and notification of monthly Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) comparison reports that are available online from:

Reports from Other Monitoring Centres

Quality Monitoring Reports from Météo-France

Monthly AMDAR data quality monitoring reports based on comparison with the ARPEGE NWP model first guess field are received from Meteo-France and made available here. Files are less than 1MB in size.



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