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WMO-CIMO Lead Centre on Precipitation Intensity - Benedetto Castelli Benedetto Castelli” (Italy)
General Site Information

The WMO-CIMO Lead Centre on Precipitation Intensity (LC-PrIn) dedicated to Benedetto Castelli is a Centre of Excellence for instrument development and testing with the purpose of:

  • providing Members with specific guidance and standard procedures about instrument calibration and their achievable accuracy,
  • performing laboratory and field tests and the intercomparison of instruments, and
  • providing research advances and technical developments about the measurement of precipitation intensity and the related data analysis and interpretation.

The Lead Centre is a joint initiative of the Italian Air Force and the University of Genova (Italy), and operates on three different sites:

  • Laboratory for instruments testing and calibration in controlled conditions, located at the University of Genova,
  • Field site for rainfall intensity (RI) measurements, characterized by a Mediterranean climate with intense, prolonged rainy periods, located in Vigna di Valle (Rome) at the Technical Centre for Meteorology (CTM) of the Italian Air Force,
  • Mountain site, envisaged for solid precipitation measurements, characterized by snowy periods and harsh climate conditions, located on the top of Mont Cimone mountain (2163 m amsl), in the hearth of the northern Apennines, operated by the Air Force Mountain Centre (CAMM).


Lead centre location: 42.08°N, 12.211°E (CTM) and 44.194°N, 10.7°E (CAMM)
Climate type:

CTM: Csa (hot summer continental climate)

CAMM: ET (tundra climate)
Contact person: Dr Maj Emanuele Vuerich
Email: emanuele.vuerich@aeronautica.difesa.it

Italian Air Force  

Technical Centre for Meteorology (CTM)

Via R. Giacomelli, 2
00062 Vigna di Valle (Rome), Italy
Tel: +39 06 99 80 10 13
Fax: +39 06 99 87 297
Website: http://www.precipitation-intensity.it/
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Biennial Reports:
                            Biennial Report - 2016



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