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Announcement to Authors
31 January 2005  

Letter of Invitation
Provisional Programme
Local Arrangements
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Letter of Invitation
Provisional Programme
Local Arrangements
Registration Form
Hotel Reservation

1st Announcement - Letter
1st Announcement in brief


The World Meteorological Organization
is pleased to announce that
at the kind invitation of the Government of Romania, the

WMO Technical Conference on Meteorological and
Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation
(TECO 2005)

will be held in Bucharest from Wednesday 4 to Saturday 7 May 2005

and the

Exhibition on
Meteorological Instruments, Related Equipment and Services

will be take place in Bucharest from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 May 2005

under the main conference theme of


FIRST Announcement - Notes in brief

Main subjects. Instrument experts from National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, research institutes and the private sector will address the following:

  • new developments and operational experience with surface as well as upper-air observation technology;

  • quality management, calibration, testing and comparison of instruments and observing systems; and

  • technology transfer, capacity building, training and development of Regional Instrument Centres.

Provided sufficient extra-budgetary funds would be made available, simultaneous interpretation could be provided in English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Website.  All information concerning TECO 2005 and METEOREX 2005 will be made available through the WMO CIMO/IMOP website.

Papers and posters.  The deadline for submission of the selected papers and posters, as well as instructions on their format will be provided in the Letter of Acceptance to be sent to authors in November 2004. Papers accepted for presentation will be published in the original form (without editing) under a "WMO Instruments and Observing Methods Report Series", on CD-ROM, and prior to TECO 2005.

Abstracts of proposed papers not exceeding half a page and drafted in English only should be sent to WMO Secretariat not later than 15 September 2004, using the electronic version of the Submission Form, and via e-mail attachment, to the attention of Dr Miroslav Ondras.



International Programme Committee

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WMO Secretariat

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