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Instrument Intercomparisons 
last update  ► 23 May 2013

HTB weather and precipitation sensors


Wind Tunnel and Field Test of Three 2D Sonic Anemometers

(KNMI Technical Report No. 296)


Thermometer Screen Intercomparison in De Bilt (the Netherlands),
Part I: Understanding the weather-dependent temperature differences


Exploration of the quality of the precipitation intensity reported by the FD12P present weather sensor


Operational Testing of Various Precipitation Sensors in Support of the United States Climate Reference Network (USCRN)

  An Evaluation of Two Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensors for Potential Use at Automated Surface Weather Observing Sites

Image Comparison from two cloud cover sensor in infrared and visible spectral regions: Total Sky Imager (TSI) and Cloud Infrared Radiometer (CIR)


Winter Test of Production All-Weather Precipitation Accumulation Gauge for ASOS 2003–2004

  Field and Operational tests of a Sonic Anemometer for the Automated Surface Observing System
  A comparative study of ASOS and CRN temperature measurements

ASOS and Human Observation Comparisons


Ice-Free Sensors, Intercomparison of different sensors (P2.23)


Comparison of Two Disdrometers Based od Different Principles


Instrument intercomparison (Sonic) (7.1)


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