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New Sensor Developments
last update  ► 23 May 2013

Remote Sensing
Vaisala Thunderstorm Warning System TWX300
  Vaisala Weather Radar
  Lidar systems

Temperature and Humidity

  PTU300 Combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

Precision Meteorological Thermo-Hygrometer Model MET-2010


Precision Meteorological Thermometer

Precipitation measurement
  Precipitation sensors (15188++) with additional functions
  Weighing precipitation sensor 15189
  Total Rain weighing Sensor TRwS
  Micro Rain Radar (MRR)
  Vaisala All Weather Precipitation Gauge VRG101
  A new high accuracy, low maintenance all weather precipitation gauge for
meteorological, hydrological and climatological applications
  OTT Parsivel, laser based optical Disdrometer and enhanced precipitation identifier Product - OTT Parsivel - Enhanced precipitation identifier-2005.pdf
  Freezing Rain Sensor
  Total Precipitation Collector, Total Precipitation Sensor
  Development of a Meteorological Particle Sensor for the Observation of Drizzle
  Development of the All-weather Precipitation Accumulation Gauge for ASOS
  Laser precipitation monitor (Disdrometer)


  Vaisala's series of Wind Sensors
  Lambrecht's series of Wind Sensors
  Benefits of Ultrasonic Anemometers

NOWA Wind Gauge

  WindMaster / WindMaster Pro
  Solent MetPak: Combined wind speed/direction, temperature and humidity sensor

Ultrasonic wind sensor


Sonic wind sensor


NOWA Sensor for Measuring Wind, Temperature, Icing and Precipitation (Session 6)


  SR11 first class Solar Radiation sensor radiation/sr11.htm
  New CNR-4 Net-radiometer
  SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer

CSD 3 Sunshine Duration Sensor


Middleton Solar SK08 pyranometer or


Delta Sunshine Sensor BF5


Total Infrared Radiometer


Solar Radiation Sensor compliant with ISO and WMO Standards radiation/lp02.htm


Middleton Solar SD4 Sunshine Duration Sensor



  Cost-effective barometric pressure sensor using nano-technology
  Digiquartz® Portable Model 765
  High Performance Pressure Port (DigiPort)

Present Weather Phenomena


Multifunctional instrument for monitoring atmospheric precipitation

Cloud measurement

AWI Model 8339 Laser Ceilometer Certified by FAA

Laser Ceilometer


New laser ceilometer using enhanced single lens optics



Evaporation Gauge

Soil Moisture

  SM300 Soil Moisture Sensor
  Sentry Visibility Sensor
Other combined sensors
PWS100 Present Weather Sensor/Visibility Sensor
SR 50A Snow Depth / Distance Sensor
  Weather Transmitter WXT520

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