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Instrument Tests
last update  ► 23 May 2013

at KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)

Evaluation of the Nubiscope

Automatic Stations


ALMOS AWS MSI2 - Sensor Interface Card Testing


Evaluation of Milos 500 AWS unit



Performance tests on Vaisala DTS-12A
Temperature Sensors


A Preliminary Investigation of Temperature Screen Design and Their Impacts on Temperature Measurements



Performance Tests on a Rotronic MP101A Humidity/Temperature Probe


The Practical Impacts of RTD and Thermometer Design on Wet and Dry Bulb Relative Humidity Measurements


Performance Tests on a Vaisala HMP35D Humidity/Temperature Probe


Evaluation of the Output Variability of Rotronics MP101A Humidity Probes


Evaluation of Vaisala HMP45D Humidity Probes



Wind Tunnel Evaluation Test Report  [2MB+]  [2MB+]


Repeatability of the Monash Wind Tunnel


Performance Verification of Vaisala Anemometers


The Conversion Equation of the Synchrotac 706 Anemometer



Calibration Check of a Vaisala PTB201A Barometer


Test of a Crouzet 2100 Digital Barometer against the WMO Region V Standard Barometer


The Southern Oscillation and Characterisation of a Kew Pattern Barometer


Comparison between the Regional Association V and the Malaysian Standard Barometers


Comparison of the Regional Association V and A Fuess (S/N F6754) Standard Barometer for the Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration


Electronic Barometer Testing - Replacement Barometer Project



Drift Test of a Hydrological Services TB3A TBRG


Evaluation of a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Calibrator


Acceptance Tests of 20 Hydrological Services TB3B Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges


Stability of five McVann Model 7499 TBRG


Evaluation of the Hydrological Services Precipitation Gauge Tipping Bucket Type TB-3


Evaluation of RIC Designed Pumped TBRG Tester (Rex)


Evaluation of the RIMCO Precipitation Gauge Tipping Bucket Model 7499


Evaluation of the ENVIRONDATA Precipitation Gauge Tipping Bucket Model RG-15


Laboratory Evaluation of the Bureau Designed Heated TBRG



Investigation of the Uncertainty of Sunshine Duration in the Solar and Terrestrial Radiation Network


Investigation of the Accuracy of the Delta-T Devices BF3 Sunshine Sensor



Evaluation of a RIMCO 9100 automatic evaporation sensor

Hydrological measurement


The Uncertainty of the Hydrological Services Field Calibration Device

Upper-air Measurement


Evaluation of Desiccants


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