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Availability of the Instrument Catalogue
(revised June 2003)

The WMO Technical Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation (CIMO) recognized, at its twelfth session (CIMO-XII, Casablanca, Morocco, May 1998), the requirement to provide users with an overview on the available meteorological and related instruments and their technical specifications. In this regard, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) kindly offered to collect, from manufacturers and suppliers around the world, the relevant information and published it in an Instrument Catalogue under the auspices of WMO in the standardized format agreed upon at CIMO-XII. The first edition of this Instrument Catalogue (Version 2000) was presented during the WMO Technical Conference TECO-2000 and the conjointly organized exhibition METEOREX-2000 in Beijing in October 2000 and distributed in 2001. This first edition of the Instrument Catalogue became the most authoritative and completed professional catalogue in the meteorological instrument industry and received high appreciation from more than 1000 users.

The second edition of the Instrument Catalogue (version 2002) was presented during the WMO technical conference TECO-2002 and the conjointly organized exhibition METEOREX-2002 in Bratislava in September 2002. This updated catalogue contains detailed information about more than 1200 products in 26 different categories from more than 100 manufacturers of meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic instruments worldwide. The Catalogue has a structure similar to the sixth edition of the Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation (WMO-No. 8). It is, therefore, hoped that the Catalogue will become a valuable and a comprehensive reference source for the benefit of WMO Members and other interested users.

The Instrument Catalogue (version 2002) is now available on CD-ROM. One copy of the CD-ROM was distributed free of charge to each National Meteorological and Hydrological Service at the beginning of June 2002. The CD-ROM has a clear and user-friendly interface and contains all the necessary instructions. Should a problem arise regarding the installation of the CD-ROM, users are invited to contact the address given below to obtain technical advice. For the sake of future updates of the Instrument Catalogue, it would be appreciated if any comments or feedback could be provided directly to CMA to the attention of Mr Lu Wenhua.

Since the information given in the Catalogue was provided directly by the manufacturers and suppliers, and compiled without any changes, CMA and WMO are not responsible for the correctness of the data and the suitability or reliability of the instruments/equipment referred to in the Catalogue.

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To obtain printed copies or an electronic version of the Instrument Catalogue, 
please contact:

Mr. Zhu Lekun
Atmospheric Observation Technology Center
China Meteorological Administration
No. 46, Zhongguancun Nandajie
BEIJING 100081
Tel:          +(86 10) 6840 7915
Fax:         +(86 10) 6840 8949


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