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PLEASE NOTE:  The information on this web page is intended to provide practical arrangements concerning your stay in Geneva for WMO-related meetings. ALSO, please keep in mind that any piece of information provided herein may change at anytime and without the knowledge of WMO.

(updated 13 December 2004)
Starting 12 Dec 2004, all public transport schedules changed (and the fares).


WMO Headquarters is located at:

7 bis, avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 2

Tel: +(41 22)  730 8111

The location is indicated on the map at the  bottom of this page.


Participants are responsible for their own hotel bookings. There are many hotels to choose from in the Geneva area and the Geneva Tourism Office ( ) offers on-line hotel information and booking.  A short list of hotels within walking distance of WMO is given below. 

Stars Hotel Tel.
+(41 22) ...
+(41 22) ...
(see  map)
Daily rate*
in SFR
*** 1. Mon Repos
909  39 09 909  39 93 131, rue de Lausanne 152 - 199.-
** 2. Eden
716  37 00 731  52 60 135, rue de Lausanne 175 - 235.-
*** 3. Ascot Manotel /Jade 544  38 38 544  38 99 55, rue Rothschild 141 - 174.-
**** 4. Carlton
908  68 50 908  68 68 22, rue Amat 150 - 220.-
*** 5. Drake
716  48 48 738  00 07 7, rue Butini 150 - 190.-
**** 6. Epsom Manotel
544  66 66 544  69 69
544  66 99
18, rue Richemont 209 - 276.-
* UN Preferential rates as of 1 April 2004, in Swiss Francs (SFR), for a single room; in some cases it may include breakfast.
N.B.: Both Eden and Mon Repos hotels are literally around the corner from WMO. The other hotels are between Cornavin and WMO, a 10 to 15 min. walk in either direction.

For a 20-page list of hotels in Geneva and neighbouring France, click here (PDF, 121 kb)

City Orientation for WMO visitors

Cornavin main train station. At less than 1 km to "Nations" or to "Jardin Botanique", the area of Cornavin area is commercial, very central, with access to all means of transport in all directions. Near Cornavin, you can find the main Post Office (which houses the Tourist Office), by  the pedestrian street; lots of restaurants and shops, cinemas and currency exchange places.  It is also a short walk to the lake, the Mont Blanc bridge; and not far from the University, the Old Town, Theatres, Museums, and the fancy boutiques on Rue de la Confédération.

Sécheron train stop.  A new CFF train stop was inaugurated on 12 Dec. 2004, very conveniently located next to WMO.

Nations, as in United Nations, is a large square with a landmark 10 meter-high wooden chair with a broken leg, symbolizing lost limbs to landmines. Several UN organization are located nearby, with WMO at a 5min. walk. At "Nations" many bus and tram lines meet. 

Jardin Botanique, right by the lake and across the street from WMO, is where the botanical gardens are. At Jardin Botanique, several bus lines start/end their ride.

Climate data for Geneva

Month Mean max.
temperature (°C)
Mean min.
temperature (°C)
Average number of
cloudy days
Average precipitation
January 3.9 -1.7 18 55
February 5.6 -1.0 17 52
March 10.0 1.7 13 60
April 13.3 3.9 11 63
May 18.5 7.8 11 75
June 22.2 16.6 9 80
July 25.0 13.4 8 70
August 25.1 13.3 8 88
September 20.5 10.6 12 90
October 14.0 6.1 13 90
November 8.3 2.2 20 82
December 5.1 0 21 65

Getting around town by Geneva Public Transport (
and/or UNIRESO, the network of Public Transport means ( )

Geneva is a very compact city served by an excellent bus system. Information is available at the airport; at the TPG office located within Cornavin, Geneva's main train station; or at the websites mentioned above. Please note, within Geneva, Bus drivers do not sell bus tickets. Bus drivers do not control your ticket either; instead, a brigade of inspectors DO spot checks. Failure to produce a valid ticket results in a fine of at least CHF 100.00 (if payed on the spot; more if payed later due to fees), and your passport details are registered. Failure to present the passport results in a visit to the police station.

Tickets are sold at automatic distributors called "automate" in French, and located at nearly-every bus stop. Payment is accepted in coins, swiss francs or euro (even mixed), all except 0.05 cents. NO change is returned. One ticket may be used on any bus line and in any direction, within the time or zone limits selected.
As of 12 Dec. 2004, Single tickets, valid for Geneva's "yellow zone A", valid for one hour cost 3.00 CHF;
Day tickets valid from 9am to midnight cost 7.00 CHF and 24hour-tickets cost 10.00 CHF.
Other options and discounts are available, but apply in general to regular/frequent public-transport users.
Bus "credit" cards that work like phone cards are sold at newspaper kiosks for 10, 20 or 50 CHF.

To purchase a ticket from the "automate", select the button appropriate to your situation, depending on the number of zones to cross. To reset the "automate" press the button marked "annulation".
Due to the geographical situation of Geneva: border with France to the north and the south; and "border" with another Swiss canton (Vaud) to the east, the Geneva system of fares is based on travelling within Geneva itself (YELLOW zones A) or commuting between Geneva and neighbouring towns (BLUE zones B)

If you choose a hotel in Ferney-Voltaire (France), you will be taking Bus F and travelling from ZONE 40 to ZONE 11 to reach WMO. The ride takes approx. 30 min. Stop at "Nations" and connect with BUS 11 or 28 for a 1-minute ride; or take a 5min. walk towards the lake.
Travelling from Ferney into Geneva, the ticket is purchased from the driver and must be time stamped to be valid. One ticket to travel between zone 40 and 11, valid for 90 min. =  2.90 euro (exact change appreciated). Travelling from Geneva into France, you can still buy the ticket from the driver, but is less expensive from the "automate".

Selection of buses, trams, trains, taxi to reach WMO
         Jardin Botanique is the bus stop for WMO
         Nations is one of Geneva's public transport hubs, 5 min. away from WMO
         Cornavin is Geneva's main train station and the main public transport hub
         Sécheron is a newly inaugurated (Dec 2004) train stop, located less than 100m. from WMO

  • Bus no.28:   Hospital La Tour, Meyrin, Airport, Nations, Jardin Botanique 

  • Bus no.11:   Carouge, Jonction, Charmilles, Servette, Giuseppe Motta, Nations, Jardin Botanique

  • Bus no.14:   Tours de Carouge, Palettes, Bouchet, Giuseppe Motta, Nations

  • Tram 13:     Palettes, Carouge, Plainpalais, Stand/Bel-Air, Cornavin, Nations  

  • Tram 15:     Lancy Pont-Rouge, Acacias, Uni-Mail, Plainpalais, Cornavin, Nations  

  • Bus no.10:   Airport, Servette, Cornavin, Bel-Air, Jonction, Cité Onex

  • Bus no.18:   Airport, Blandonnet, Lignon, Lancy, Tours de Carouge

  • CFF trains:  Airport to Genève-Cornavin, main train station and located in Geneva's central area

  • CFF trains:  Cornavin to Genève-Sécheron train stop (less than 100 m from WMO)

Geneva Airport "COINTRIN" is less than 5 km from downtown. Other than the buses, several trains per hour take you directly to the very central Cornavin station. Look for "Gare CFF" signs.  Ticket costs in the range of CHF 10.00.  Tickets are sold at the "billeterie", at the "automate" distributors and sometimes by the train controller (more expensive). For more info on the train network, visit

And last but not least, a taxi ride from the Airport to Cornavin, to Nations or to Jardin Botanique would cost in the range of CHF30.00 (Dec.2004). 



Web Editor Sary Vargas, 6 August 2004