REPORT No. 74 (WMO/TD - No. 1028)

Papers Presented at the
WMO Technical Conference on
Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation

Beijing, China, 23 - 27 October 2000

IOM No. 74 Title
PART A Table of Contents,
Conference Keynote Paper and
1.1 Surface Observation Systems - Keynote paper
PART B 1.1.1 Automatic Weather Stations
PART C 1.1.1 Automatic Weather Stations - continued
PART D 1.1.2 Intercomparisons
PART E 1.1.2 Intercomparisons - continued
PART F 1.1.3 Instrument Design
PART G 1.1.4 Solar Radiation Observations
PART H 1.1.5 Quality of Observations
PART I 1.2 Upper-air Observing Systems - Keynote paper and
1.2.1 In Situ Upper-air Observing Systems
PART J 1.2.1 In-Situ Upper-air Observing Systems - continued
PART K 1.2.2 Remote Upper-air Observing Systems
PART L 1.3 Weather Radars and Lightning Detection Systems
PART M 1.3 Weather Radars and Lightning Detection Systems - continued
PART N 1.4 Measurement of Atmospheric Composition
PART O 1.5 Instruments and Systems Operated Under Harsh Conditions and
1.6 Urban Meteorology
PART P 2 Management of Instruments and Technical Support
PART Q 3 Capacity Building and Technology Transfer and