DBCP workshop in the impact of SLP from drifters world map

DBCP workshop on the Evaluation of the Impact of Sea Level Atmospheric Pressure (SLP) Data Over the Ocean from Drifting Buoys on Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), Sedona, Arizona, USA, 21 May 2012


Workshop's final report: pdfpdf

Presentations made during the workshop:

Title Author Download
Introduction to the workshop's goals and objectives Luca Centurioni, USA pdfpdf
Impact of drifting buoy observations in NWP ad the UK Met Office John Eyre, UK pdfpdf
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) perspective Miroslav Ondras, WMO Secretariat pdfpdf
Rolling Review of Requirements and related DBCP issues John Eyre, UK pdfpdf
A Look at Short-Range Forecast Impacts of Drifting Buoy Observations in the NASA GEOS-5 Atmospheric Data Assimilation System Ron Gelaro, USA
Meta Sienkiewicz, USA
Claude Gibert, UK
Prediction data assimilation systems at Météo-France Jean-Francois Mahouf, France pdfpdf
Surface pressure impact study:FEC and OSE Gabor Radnoti, ECMWF,
Carla Cardinali, ECMWF

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