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  Expert Team on Satellite Systems (ET-SAT)

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Terms of Reference
(as approved by CBS-XIV)

(a) Provide technical advice with respect to both operational and R&D environmental satellites to assist in the integration of WMO-coordinated observing systems;

(b) Advise CBS through ICT-IOS on matters requiring feedback to the WMO Consultative Meetings on High-level Policy on Satellite Matters;

(c) Assess the observation, collection, and analysis systems relating to the use of operational and R&D environmental satellites contributing, or with the potential to contribute, to the space-based subsystem of the GOS, and to suggest improvements of system capabilities, particularly with respect to developing countries;

(d) Assist CBS in assessing the status of implementation of the space-based subsystem of the GOS and the adequacy of plans for implementation for meeting established requirements for satellite data and products;

(e) Make recommendations with respect to the transition of relevant R&D instruments to operational environmental satellites;

(f) Coordinate with other relevant CBS teams with a view to making recommendations on matters, such as the exchange, management, and archiving of satellite data and products, radio frequency utilization, as well as education and training and other appropriate capacity-building measures related to satellite meteorology;

(g) Identify and assess opportunities and/or problem areas concerning satellite technology and plans of relevant satellite operators, and inform CBS timely and comprehensively through ICT-IOS.

(h) Provide advice and support to the Chairperson of OPAG-IOS on development and implementation of WIGOS concept.


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