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Current status of the Global Observing System

Current status

The entire Global Observing System is monitored to ensure proper functioning of the various elements and of the quality of the data produced.

For the assessment of data quality, a number of data processing centres compare the information received from each of the different observing elements with the first numerical short-term forecast. In cases of large differences, "suspect" measurements are communicated to the originating country for remedial action. This feedback should lead to improvements in the quality of observational data.


Current data coverage maps on-line

6 hourly data coverage charts that depict information on quality controlled data sources and their spatial distribution are provided by the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) via an index to observational data coverage charts. Among the data observation types covered are:


Detailed status reports on satellites are available from the WMO server.


Information on facilities, services and products

The Operational Information Service provides the latest information on WWW facilities and services, including the monthly Operational Newsletter.







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