EC Panel of Experts on
Polar Observations, Research and Services (EC-PORS)

Fourth session
Lanzhou, China, 13–15 March 2013


3.1. Overview EC-PORS Activities

3.2. EC-PORS Observation Task Team - Report on Actions

3.4. EC-PORS-4 TT on Services - Report on Actions

4. S. Colwell - SCAR, IAATO, ATCM

4. B. Goodison - GTN-P, SPICE, GCOS

4. O. Hov - AMAP Climate Expert Group

4. O. Hov - GAW-Atmospheric Composition Observations in Polar Regions

4. V. Rachold - International Arctic Science Committee

4. V. Rachold - SAON

4. J. Stander - IABP and IPAB

5. EC-PORS Progress at ATCM

6.1. EC-PORS-4 OTT (PSTG) - Break out Session

6.1. EC-PORS-4 OTT (GCW) - Break out Session

6.2. EC-PORS-4 STT - Break out Session

6.3. EC-PORS-4 Feedback from ATT

B. Arheimer - Modeling Hydrological Discharge from Land to Sea in the Arctic Drainage Basin

D. Grimes - GFCS Implications toward Polar RCC and PCOF

R. Jiawen - Overview of China research on the cryosphere

J. Key - The Global Cryosphere Watch

V. Rachold - International Polar Initiative - Looking Beyond the IPY

B. Ryan - GEO Cold Regions

Third Pole - Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research

Third Pole Environment - Kang Schichang, Fan Zhang

Xiao Cunde - Promoting initiatives in theThird Pole

Peng Zhang - Polar Space Task Group - Progress

W. Zhang - WIGOS-WIS Progress Report