WMO Information System (WIS) world map
Implementation Plan
Congress emphasized that the WIS implementation should build upon existing WMO information systems in a smooth and evolutionary process:

  • Map existing WMO Programme centres into the functional WIS centres (e.g. WWW/RSMC <=>DCPC)
  • Evaluate functions, technologies and architecture through pilot projects and prototype solutions
  • Ensure a flexible system structure that can respond to growing requirements and technological progress.

Congress agreed that the WIS implementation plan has two parts developed in parallel:

PART A: The continued consolidation and further improvements of the GTS for time-critical and operation-critical data, including its extension to meet operational requirements of WMO Programmes in addition to the World Weather Watch (including improved management of services);

PART B: An extension of the information services through flexible data discovery, access and retrieval services to authorized users, as well as flexible timely delivery services.

Congress noted and supported the main following activities and time frame for the development and implementation of WIS:

WIS GANT chart Nov. 2010



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