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Manuals/Guides/Technical Regulations



Policy documents
No. 15
Basic Documents No. 1
No. 49
No. 60
Agreements and working arrangements with other International Organizations
No. 508
Resolutions of Congress and the Executive Council
Executive Council Reports
International exchange of data and products
WMO facilitates the free and unrestricted exchange of data and information, products and services in real- or near-real time on matters relating to safety and security of society, economic welfare and the protection of the environment.
No. 837
Exchanging Meteorological Data — Guidelines on Relationships in Commercial Meteorological Activities. WMO Policy and Practice
Resolution 40 — WMO policy and practice for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products including guidelines on the relationships in commercial meteorological activities
Resolution 25 — Exchange of Hydrological Data and Products
Annex IV - Geneva Declaration of Thirteenth World Meteorological Congress
Technical commission reports - Commission for Basic Systems
  Final reports  - CBS-Session related Meetings
Information Systems and Services
No. 386
Manual on the GTS: Volume I and Volume II & Attachment II-7 ( Routing Catalogues)
Guide on Internet Practices(Merged into the Guide on IT Security)
No. 1116
Guide on VPN via the Internet between GTS centre (Updated 2013)  What's NEW
Guide on the use of TCP/IP on the GTS - removed by resolution 4 (CBS-15)
Guide on PROVISIONAL Arrangements for the Use of IP Addresses over the GTS - removed by resolution 4 (CBS-15)
No. 1115
Guide on IT Security (Updated 2013)  What's NEW
No. 1060
Manual on WMO Information System
No. 1061
Guide to WMO Information System (WIS) - 2013  What's NEW
Data Management
No. 306
Manual on Codes (Publicaton) (Web Page)
No. 611
Guide to WMO Binary Code Form GRIB 1  - Technical Report No.17 - May 1994
Guide to WMO Table-Driven Code Forms: FM 94 BUFR and FM 95 CREX
Guide to FM 92 GRIB Edition 2
Data-processing and Forecasting System
No. 788
Guide on World Weather Watch Data Management
No. 485
Manual on the GDPFS: Part 1- Global Aspects, Part 2 - Regional Aspects
No. 305
Guide on the Global Data-processing System
No. 636
Guide on the automation of data-processing centres
Observing System
No. 544
Manual on the Global Observing System: Volume I - Global aspects, volume II - Regional aspects
Operational Publications
No. 9
Weather reporting:
Volume A - Observing stations
Volume C1 - Catalogue of Meteorological Bulletins
Volume C2 - Transmission Programmes
Volume D - Information for Shipping
No. 47
International list of Selected, Supplementary and Auxiliary ships
WMO Long-term Plan
No. 962
Sixth WMO Long-term Plan (2004–2011)
Other publications of interest
No. 32
World Climate News (January 2008)
No. 55 (4)
WMO Bulletin - featuring The WMO Information System (WIS)
No. 976
Working together for a safer world
No. 990
WMO at a glance
No. 1000
Annual Report of the World Meteorological Organization (2005)
No. 1030
World Meteorological Day 2008 Observing our planet for a better future


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