WMO Information System (WIS) world map
WIS will be a common infrastructure serving all WMO programmes in a cost-effective and satisfactory manner. All of these systems will utilize the WMO Information System (WIS) as the main data collection and exchange system.  Requirements are summarised in sixteen areas: CAS, IPY, CHy, JCOMM, CAeM, TCP, PWS, DRR, CIMO, CCI, CAgM, WCRP, GCOS, GEO, ETR and SAT.

WIS partners
Figure 1 - WIS serving the WMO community
WIS Partners:
Potential WIS users
  • WMO programmes who will benefit from the services offered by WIS for the implementation of their data exchange tasks.
  • NMHS’s who will be able to interactively alter their operational data provisions
  • Individual users, either a person or an institution, who will be the main beneficiary of WIS, because WIS will provide a single entry point for any data request, be it on a routine basis by dissemination of certain user defined information sets or on an ad-hoc basis for a special data set..
  • GEOSS because WIS could also form the base for its information systems
  • UN Gateway to Climate Change
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Global Resource Information Database (GRID)
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data


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