WIS Search and Retrieval by URL Training Form

Welcome to the WIS SRU Form! It has been created to assist in understanding how searching for information across WIS centres is made easy by the adoption of the ISO23950 search standards URL capability. The idea of the form is to show how URL requests are constructed by combining standard expressions and variables utilising the most frequently used search fields.
A SRU query will be generated in the textbox named SRU URL as you are filling out the textfields. When the button SEND is pressed, the query in the textbox is submitted to the selected server and the result displayed in your browser.
More information is available by pressing the INFO button on the right. By pressing VALIDATE you can validate the response of the SRU to the SRU query in the texthox against the WIS SRU schema. We also advise you to read our comprehensive tutorial on using this form, which is available for download here.


Size of result return at most records in the result (return 10 by default)
Node to search select server to search from:
Text terms
Find: in:
Find: in:
Find: in:
Find metadata records by date
AND using:
a start date of: used against
AND using:
an end date of: used against
Keyword Search AND using: WMO subject term:
Spacial Search
AND: includes the following coordinates:
Use map for ease of coordinate selection





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