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                                                WMO INTERNATIONAL CODES

                                                       with information on the MIGRATION TO TDCF


Manual on Codes (WMO-No. 306)

Volume I.1 (Part A - Alphanumeric Codes)
Volume I.2 (Part B - Binary Codes, Part C - Common Features to Binary and Alphanumeric Codes)
  - Tables and templates of GRIB, BUFR and CREX, in which entries for pre-operational use or validation are available
  - FM 94 BUFR edition 3/FM 95 CREX edition 1
Volume II (Regional Codes and National Coding Practices)

Guides to TDCFs

Guide to WMO Table-Driven Code Forms (January 2002)
Guide to FM92 GRIB Edition 2 (revised in November 2007)
Guide to WMO Binary Code Form GRIB 1 (May 1994)
Introduction to GRIB Edition 1 and GRIB Edition 2 (April 2003)
doc / pdf

Migration to TDCF

Information on Migration to TDCF, including software, templates and presentation materials for training

CBS Teams and Focal Points

IPET-DRMM (Inter-Programme Expert Team on Data Representation Maintenance and Monitoring)
IPET-MDRD (Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata and Data Representation Development)
Focal points for WMO codes and data representation matters

Links to Meetings and Reports






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