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Software packages available for exchange - EDITION 2006 -

Format of presentation of the condensed introduction to the
software packages in the websites of the WMO Members

(updated 5 October 2010)



The World Weather Watch is dependent on computer-based solutions for its operation.  The free exchange of meteorological application software amongst WMO Members helps the distribution, implementation and use of software packages at WWW centres.  The CBS Software Registry provides information to Members on the software packages offered by individual Members through the WMO web server.  The actual exchange of software or provision of software support should, in each case, be arranged as a bilateral (multilateral) activity between a donor and a recipient country (countries).  Donors are invited to indicate whether or not update and maintenance support can be provided for the offered software. 

The sixth session of the CBS Management Group (Geneva, 3-5 April 2006) --noting that no updates to the CBS software registry have been provided by WMO Members since 2000-- agreed on the preparation of a new edition of the CBS software registry.  The CBS Management Group felt that the new edition should be organized so that the information given in the WMO server be the minimum information facilitating the access to the detailed information available in the servers of the WMO Members.  The CBS Management Group also agreed to make an evaluation of the exchange of software packages parts of the CBS Software Registry and received by WMO Members since 2000.


Information to be provided to the WMO Secretariat to the attention of:
Mr Pierre Kerhervé:  and
Mr Atsushi Shimazaki:

The information in the WMO server is limited to:

  • The WMO Member providing the software package;

  • The relevant CBS component/function: Global Observing System, Global Telecommunication System – WMO Information System, Global Data-processing and Forecasting System, Data Management (e.g. codes, monitoring);

  • A short description of the software package with a link to the server of the WMO Member.

 Information to be provided in the web sites of the WMO Members

The WMO Members are responsible to inform the WMO Secretariat of software packages and of the relevant links to their web sites, in which Members will maintain detailed information on the software packages.  The WMO Members should preferably post on their web sites a condensed introduction in a revised format of presentation of the 2000 edition, with a view to ensuring an homogenous presentation of that information amongst Members’ web sites.  The format of presentation of the 2000 edition was revised to take into account licence issues.  The revised format of presentation of the condensed introduction to the software packages is given here.

WMO Members are also invited to provide more detailed information, including presentations (e.g. PowerPoint presentation) helping in demonstrating/assessing the interests/benefits for users.