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International exchange of "ADDITIONAL" DATA AND PRODUCTS

Definition of "Additional data and products"= data and products additional to those with no conditions on their use

The bulletins are presented as follows:
Region: I - AFRICA  
Country: ALGERIA Date: 15/01/2016
Compiling or Editing Centre: ALGIERS/ALGER    

TTAAii CCCC Code form used Time group used
Content Remarks


Region World Meteorological Organization regions:
Region I Africa
Region II Asia
Region III South America
Region IV North America, Central America and the Caribbean
Region V South-West Pacific
Region VI Europe
Country Name of the country where the centre is located.
Compiling or Editing Centre Name of the Centre which originates the bulletin or controls the originator of the bulletin
Date Date which the data for the country becomes effective.  Presented in the form of dd/mm/yyyy (day/month/year) eg 15/01/2007
Abbreviated Heading TTAAii CCCC Full details as regards abbreviated headings are contained in of WMO Publication No. 386 - Manual on the Global Telecommunication System, Volume I, Part II, paragraph 2.3.2.  The WMO standard data designators (TT), geographical designators (AA) and level designators (ii) are given in Attachment II-5 of the above publication.  The list of international four-letter location indicators (CCCC) of the abbreviated heading is given in Annex II to this introduction.
Code Form Used The FM code number used, for coding of data or products.  It is desirable to set the code form in accordance with FM code specifications described in WMO Publication No. 306 - Manual on Codes.  The indication "PLAIN LANGUAGE" is given for those bulletins, which are not in coded form.
Time Group (GG) Times in UTC for the bulletin issued at a fixed time everyday.  This field may be the same as GG in YYGGgg group of the abbreviated heading.  Day of month for the bulletin issued on a fixed day every month.  Other comments on issuance of a bulletin can be inserted in "Remarks" field.

(a) For bulletins containing meteorological reports the standard time of observation in UTC;
(b) For aerodrome, route and area (aeronautical) forecasts: the full hour in UTC preceding the transmission time.  For other forecasts and analyses: the standard time of observation in UTC on which the forecast or analysis is based;
(c) For other messages the time of origin in UTC.
Content The international station index numbers or the international four-letter location indicators (ICAO) of the stations whose reports are included in the bulletin.  For GRID and GRIB bulletins, the area of coverage and grid spacing.
Remarks Used for any information not described in the preceding fields.  In case that contents of a GRID/GRIB bulletin differ from those derived from the abbreviated heading, such information as parameters on actual contents should be inserted in this field.


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