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WWW Operational Newsletter - 2014


Adoption of amendments to the Manual on Codes (WMO No. 306) by fast-track procedure
In accordance with the fast-track procedure for adoption of amendments to the Manual on Codes, the Secretariat sent a list of amendments to the focal points for codes and data presentation matters for comments on 3 February 2014.

No disagreements were received from the focal points, while the focal point of France proposed additional entries in the Common Code table C-12, which are considered as minor adjustments and "will be done by the Secretary-General in consultation with the president of CBS" in accordance with the fast-track procedure.

The president of CBS adopted the amendments, including the additional ones by France, on behalf of Executive Council (EC) for implementation on 7 May 2014.

The amendments are available in  EnglishFrenchRussian and  Spanish.
Published: 15 April 2014

Volume D - Information for Shipping
Chapter 6 - Focal Point Contact Information for Port Meteorological Offices
Amendments (in country alphabetical order):

January February


Australia 12 March 2014
Canada 31 March 2014
Chile 17 March 2014
Croatia 26 March 2014
EUMETNET 4 March 2014
France 27 February 2014
Greece 28 March 2014
Hong Kong, China 18 March 2014
Indonesia 28 March 2014
Malaysia 26 March 2014
Netherlands 10 January 2014
New Zealand 25 March 2014
Sweden 19 March 2014
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 17 January 2014

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Published: 15 April 2014

Revision of the circular letter (French version) on amendment to the Manual on Codes (PR-6745)
In accordance with the comment from the Permanent Representative of France, the circular letter (French version) on the amendments to the Manual on Codes through the procedure for adoption of amendments between CBS sessions was updated and has been made available from the WMO web.

The revision was made editorially to Note 3 of Regulation of FM 15 METAR/FM 16 SPECI so that the French text is consistent with the corresponding English text.
Published: 14 March 2014

Volume D - Information for Shipping
Chapter 3 - Radio-Facsimile Broadcasts
Notification from Japan Meteorological Agency
To amend Volume D, Chapter 3 - Radio-Facsimile Broadcasts (see amendments)
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Published: 23 January 2014

Volume A - Observing Stations
METNO archive
Flatfile of data on observing stations
Published: Every Thursday

Volume C1 - Catalogue of Meteorological Bulletins
METNO archive
Flatfile of catalogue of meteorological bulletins
Published: Every Tuesday

Buoy Data
Australia - Published: Monthly
Canada - Published: Monthly
Ireland - Published: Monthly
New Zealand - Published: Monthly
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Published: Hourly
United States of America - Published: Weekly
EUMETNET Surface Marine Programme- Published: Monthly

WMO List of Meetings
World Weather Watch Programme (WWW)
WMO Information System (WIS)
Global Observing Systems (GOS)
World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme (WCDMP)

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