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Explanation of Data Designators T1T2A1A2ii CCCC
TABLE B6 Data type designator T2 (when T1 = P, Q)
Instructions for the proper application of the level designators

(1)  The designator specified in this table should be used to the greatest extent possible to indicate the type of data contained within the text of the bulletin.
(2) Where more than one type is contained in the text, the designator for one of the data types should be used.
(3) When the table does not contain a suitable designator for the data type, an alphabetic designator which is not assigned in the table should be introduced and the WMO secretariat notified.


T1 T2 T2 - Data Type
P, Q A Radar data
P, Q B Cloud
P, Q C Clear air turbulence
P, Q D Thickness (relative topography)
P, Q E Precipitation
P, Q F Aerological diagrams (Ash Cloud)
P, Q G Significant weather
P, Q H Height
P, Q I Ice flow
P, Q J Wave height + combinations
P, Q K Swell height + combinations
P, Q L Plain language
P, Q M For national use
P, Q N Radiation
P, Q O Vertical velocity
P, Q P Pressure
P, Q Q Wet bulb potential temperature
P, Q R Relative humidity
P, Q S Snow cover
P, Q T Temperature
P, Q U Eastward wind component
P, Q V Northward wind component
P, Q W Wind
P, Q X Lifted index
P, Q Y Observational plotted chart
P, Q Z Not assigned

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