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Issuing Service:


Preparation Service: Canada*
Coverage: The Arctic Ocean bounded by 67°N and 168°58’W to 90°N 168°58’W, 90°N 120°W, southward to the Canadian coastline along the 120°W meridian
Satellite Ocean Regions (scheduled bulletins): POR** Broadcast (UTC): 0300, 1500**
* The USA issues marine forecasts for its jurisdictional coastal and offshore waters north of Alaska.
** Forecasts for sections of METAREA XVII north of 75°N and east of 141°W (Sea Area A4) are broadcast by Canadian Coast Guard radio from Iqaluit NU via High Frequency Narrow Band Direct Printing (HF NBDP), on a frequency of 8416.5 kHz. Broadcast times are 0330 and 1530 UTC during the operational season.


METAREA XVII - Forecast Areas for northern and Arctic waters (21 June 2011)(click on map to enlarge)




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