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Regional Telecommunication Hubs (RTHs)

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RTHs are divided into two categories: RTHs situated on the Main Telecommunication Network (MTN) and RTHs not situated on the MTN.
Region *RTHs on the MTN
RTHs not situated on the MTN
RTHs on the MTN
I Algiers (Algeria)* Algiers (Algeria)*
I Brazzaville (Congo) Dakar (Senegal)*
I Cairo (Egypt)* Cairo (Egypt)*
I Dakar (Senegal)* Dakar (Senegal)*
I Lusaka (Zambia) Nairobi (Kenya)*
I Nairobi (Kenya)* Nairobi (Kenya)*
I Niamey (Niger) Nairobi (Kenya)*
I Pretoria (South Africa) Nairobi (Kenya)*
II Bangkok (Thailand) Tokyo (Japan)*
II Beijing (China)* Beijing (China)*
II Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)* Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)*
II Khabarovsk (Russian Federation) Moscow (Russian Federation)*
II New Delhi (India)* New Delhi (India)*
II Novosibirsk (Russian Federation) Moscow (Russian Federation)*
II Tashkent (Uzbekistan) Moscow (Russian Federation)*
II Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of) New Delhi (India)*
II Tokyo (Japan)* Tokyo (Japan)*
III Brasilia (Brazil)* Brasilia (Brazil)*
III Buenos Aires (Argentina)* Buenos Aires (Argentina)*
III Maracay (Venezuela) Brasilia (Brazil)*
IV Washington (United States of America)* Washington (United States of America)*
V Melbourne (Australia)* Melbourne (Australia)*
V Wellington (New Zealand) Melbourne (Australia)*
VI Exeter (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)* Exeter (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)*
VI Moscow (Russian Federation)* Moscow (Russian Federation)*
VI Norrkoping (Sweden) Offenbach (Germany)*
VI Offenbach (Germany)* Offenbach (Germany)*
VI Prague (Czech Republic)* Prague (Czech Republic)*
VI Rome (Italy) Toulouse (France)*
VI Sofia (Bulgaria)* Sofia (Bulgaria)*
VI Toulouse (France)* Toulouse (France)*
VI Vienna (Austria) Offenbach (Germany)*




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