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Regional Basic Synoptic Network (RBSN)
Regional Basic Climatological Network (RBCN)

The WMO Regional Associations define the Regional Basic Synoptic Networks of surface and upper-air stations adequate to meet the requirements of Members and of the World Weather Watch.  The WMO Regional Associations also define Regional Basic Climatological Networks necessary to provide a good representation of climate on the regional scale, in addition to global scale.

smXLS Regional Basic Synoptic
Network (RBSN)

smXLS Regional Basic Climatological
Network (RBCN)

Antarctic Observing Network (AntON)


The WMO Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services is in charge of reviewing the Antarctic Observing Network of surface and upper-air stations to meet the requirements of Members and of the World Weather Watch.

smXLS Antarctic Observing Network (AntON)


Note: In order to maintain and improve the accuracy of information, Members are kindly requested to advise the Secretariat of any proposed amendments to the lists of stations in the Networks.




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