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Tropical cyclone structure and structure change

Advances in understanding of tropical cyclone structure and structure changes (R. Elsberry)
Understanding Tropical Cyclone Boundary Layer Winds (J. Kepert)
Rain and latent heat retrieval in tropical cyclones using spaceborne Microwave instruments (N. Viltard)

Tropical cyclone forecasting and modeling

Monitoring and Forecasting Tropical Cyclones-IMD's Initiatives. (H. R. Hatwar)
Presentation of JMA's operational models and perspectives. (H. Kitagawa)
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology's Operational Tropical Cyclone Forecasting System, TC-LAPS. (N. Davidson)
ALADIN-Réunion, a new NWP model used at the RSMC : cyclone initialization and statistics.(S. Westrelin)
Effect of Reunion island on tropical cyclone Dina : a comparative numerical study(S. Jolivet)
Orographic influence on tropical cyclones (Y.-L. Lin)
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Regional Meteorological centers activities

Review of Local Cyclone Warning System in view of the abnormal behaviour of cyclones in the SWIO (M. Beebeejaun)
Madagascar NMH research and studies on tropical cyclones (N. Raholijao)
Monitoring of tropical cyclones in Mozambique (J. Sawanguane)
Influence of tropical cyclones on Tanzania weather(E. Matari)
Influence of tropical cyclones on Zimbabwe (H. Temba)
Cyclone monitoring and forecast at La Réunion RSMC(S. Langlade)

Tropical cyclone genesis

African easterly waves generated by Ethiopian Highlands (Y.-L. Lin)
Evolution of western Africa disturbances : a few results from AMMA SOP-3 experiment (F. Roux)
Use of global model outputs to objectively predict tropical cyclone formation in the Atlantic. (R. Elsberry)

Satellite observations

Use of satellite data in cyclone monitoring. (P. Caroff )
Overview of the Megha-Tropiques mission: characteristics and scientific objectives (N. Viltard)

Advances from field experiments

Description of the Tropical Cyclone Structure (TCS08) field experiment in the western North Pacific (R. Elsberry)
Vasco-Cirene experiment and the Aéroclipper system. (J.-P. Duvel)
A measurement campaign project in the south-west Indian ocean (F. Roux)
Interpreting Dropsonde Measurements of Turbulence in the Tropical Cyclone Boundary Layer (J. Kepert)
Observations, data assimilation, and numerical models : Ingredients of a successful forecast system.(S. Aberson)
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Oceanic influences and air-sea interactions

Oceanic Impacts on Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using Altimetry and In-Situ Measurements : Isidore and Lili (02), Ivan (04), Katrina and Rita (05) (N. Shay)
      Ivan Animation
Modeling and study of a resonant-like regime in the oceanic mixed layer induced by a moving hurricane. (G. Samson)
Perspectives for ocean-atmosphere exchanges in the operational LAM used at the RSMC. (G. Faure)
Loop Current Mechanical Energy and Vorticity Response to a Tropical Cyclone (Lili-2002) (N. Shay)
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