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WIGOS Communications and Outreach Documents (26 June 2018)

WIGOS Flyer and Posters (Cg-17, June 2015)

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WIGOS_Poster 2015     WIGOS Metadata Poster 

OSCAR Analysis_Poster    OSCAR Surface Poster

WIGOS Communications and Outreach Strategy*

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National WIGOS Implementation - Examples from Members

Observing System Strategy (OSS)  Video (185 MB)

National WIGOS Implementation Plan

Data & Information Framework Data & Information Framework   Flyer

External (third-party) Observations Data Implementation Study (O&I Observations Strategy– July 2015)

Brazil WIGOS Station Identifiers in Brazil
Italy WIGOS Station Identifiers in Italy (New)
Netherlands Observations Strategy KNMI

Application of WIGOS principles at MeteoSwiss

Classification Procedure for Automatic Weather Stations

How to engage third party networks

National WIGOS Implementation - Additional WMO supporting documents

WMO Integrated Strategic Planning Handbook (WMO-No. 1180)

Project Management Guidelines and Handbook

Note: Documents marked with * contain some outdated material, nevertheless they are still useful



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