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WIGOS Communications and Outreach Documents

WIGOS at Cg-17 (25 May - 12 June 2015)
Side event: WIGOS Pre-operational Phase

Introduction (S.Barrell)

Presentation on WIGOS for Item-4.2.2(1) (S.Barrell)

Regional and National Perspectives (T.W.Sutherland) Deliverables and timelines (L.P.Riishojgaard)

Side event: OSCAR Project Demonstration

OSCAR - A key element in WIGOS and RRR (B.Calpini)

Need for OSCAR in WIGOS and the RRR (W.Zhang)

Atmospheric chemistry in OSCAR (Ø.Hov)

Why is OSCAR needed (CBS perspective) (J.Dibbern)

OSCAR/Surface development and implementation (J.Klausen)

OSCAR/Surface, Vol. A, and the WMO Members (L.P.Riishojgaard)
Side event: WIGOS Implementation in RA I

Zimbwabwe (A.Makarau)

Tanzania (A.Kijazi) Côte d'Ivoire (D.Konate) Congo (A.Kanga) World Bank (M.Suwa; V. Tsirkunov)
WIGOS  OSCAR Analysis    OSCAR Surface    WIGOS Metadata
WIGOS (Cg-16)
WIGOS Implementation
WIGOS Communications and Outreach Strategy
WIGOS Standard Presentation            Presentation on WIGOS at EC-66
 WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) (WMO Bulletin, Volume 62 (2) 2013)
Why WIGOS is Important            WIGOS Imperative
RA VI-16 WIGOS Side Event:   Introduction     Germany     Switzerland     Spain     Croatia
 WIGOS Benefits (Poster)            WIGOS Capacity Building (Poster)
The WMO AMDAR Observing System: Benefits to airlines and aviation
The Benefits of AMDAR Data to Meteorology and Aviation

Trends in third party observations     Cost benefit studies for observing systems

Information related to national WIGOS implementation

Observing System Strategy (OSS)  Video (185 MB)   Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Data and Information Framework  Data and Information Framework   Flyer

External (third-party) Observations Data Implementation Study (O&I Observations Strategy– July 2015)

Netherlands Observations Strategy KNMI
Switzerland Application of WIGOS principles at MeteoSwiss
WMO WMO Integrated Strategic Planning Handbook (WMO-No. 1180)




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