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Monitoring of WIGOS activities

Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR) Process

Using the Rolling Requirements Review (RRR) process defined by the Manual on the Global Observing System (WMO-No. 544) (Part II, Requirements for observational data), user requirements for observations are compared with the capabilities of present and planned observing systems to provide them.  Both user requirements and observing system capabilities are collated in a comprehensive, systematic and quantitative way in the WMO database, which attempts to capture observational requirements to meet the needs of all WMO programmes.  The comparison of user requirements with observing system capabilities for a given application area is called a Critical Review.  The output of the Critical Review process is reviewed by experts in the relevant application and used to prepare a Statement of Guidance (SOG), the main aim of which is to draw attention to the most important gaps between user requirements and observing system capabilities, in the context of the application.  A wide range of applications within WMO programmes have already been addressed.

Further information are available at: http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/sat/Databases.html.

As directed by Congress, it is essential to implement a Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR) Process to ensure that WIGOS will address and meet stakeholders’ needs. Therefore, it is also essential that user requirements are kept continuously under review. 

Questionnaire on WIGOS integration activities

With a view to assess the status of WIGOS implementation activities worldwide, it is necessary to collect and compile an updated information on planned and/or on-going WIGOS activities from NMHSs on a regular basis. Therefore the Questionnaire on integration activities was distributed in October 2008. The results of this first survey will be submitted to the Second Session of the EC Working Group on WIGOS and WIS in Mid December 2008 and published at the WMO WIGOS Web site.

Survey 2008




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