Volume 59(2) – 2010

WMO Fellowship Programme builds a global cadre


WMO has always put an accent on education and training – a key to success for technical development, as well as for management, public affairs, and administrative support. Training people in National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to influence their governments and citizens has become especially critical.

The WMO Fellowship Programme has trained many managers in developing countries. Core funding is from the WMO Trust Fund, with considerable support through coordination between WMO and development partners and institutions.

These training partnerships are very useful, and demand is always greater than supply. The next priority for WMO is to reinforce training for regional hubs in developing countries.
The WMO fellows featured in these articles range from those who have just entered their profession to those who are leaders in their institutions. Some of the fellowships were granted decades ago, while others were granted very recently.

Together, the stories show the impact that the WMO Fellowship Programme is making around the world. The exchanges made possible by fellowships enrich the candidates and their organizations, as well as their host institutions.

Lithuania Paraguay The Gambia Sri Lanka United Republic of Tanzania

WMO Fellows


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