April 2008

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World Meteorological Day 2008

World Meteorological Day this year was celebrated around the theme: “Observing our planet for a better future”, in recognition of the scientific and socio-economic benefits derived by WMO Members and their National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) from the expanded, wide-ranging and authoritative observations made in the context of WMO’s mandated activities in weather, climate and water. >> More >>Français



Climate change is a humanitarian challenge

A strip of bamboo poles, a clutch of mangrove trees, learning local dialects for navigational directions … in some of the poorest parts of the world, such low-key, low-cost measures are making the difference between suffering from, or averting, damage caused by climate-change-linked disasters and extreme weather events. >> More



Climate change detection and indices
Exploring changes in South-East Asia temperature and precipitation extreme indices

WMO facilitates workshops on climate change detection and indices which provide some capacity-building for participants from countries within a data-sparse region. Participants bring a selection of the best meteorological records in their country and, with the supply of freely available software, they have the opportunity to quality-control their data and analyse extreme indices.
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Gender equality in the Caribbean—a continuing challenge for science

The traditional view has been that biological differences of the sexes are the cause of the division of labour that we can see in society today ... instead of biologically defined sex, culturally and historically defined gender is a more valuable concept for the study of labour divisions. >> More



Changes in Australian attitudes towards global warming

It has been observed that global warming appears to have been mentioned much more frequently in the media and by politicians over the past couple of years than previously. Is this really the case? >> More



Swiss GCOS Office publishes first complete inventory of Swiss climate
measurement series

For the first time, a national inventory of climate measurement series of particular significance has been compiled by the Swiss GCOS Office at the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss. >> More



Clear as mud? Why art and science are both in the mix

Introductory speech by Paul Munden on World Meteorological Day to the photo exhibition, entitled Four Elements in Nature and poems extracted from Feeling the pressure, an anthology of poems and scientific texts on climate change.
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