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CIMO Management Group—fifth session
Geneva, Switzerland, 28-31 January 2008

The CIMO Management Group focused on the composition of its Expert Teams, priority tasks related to their Terms of Reference and CIMO-related activities for the intersessional period. Special attention was paid to the problems encountered in the work of individual Expert Teams, their work plans and deliverables. The Management Group discussed the Expert Teams’ Membership, changes to be made, and agreed on the actions that need to be taken relating to the planning, coordination and management of the work of the Commission, its OPAGs, Expert Teams and Rapporteurs.

The Management Group also focused on the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and its CIMO Pilot Project (CIMO-PP).  The Meeting considered the impact WIGOS would have on CIMO-related activities, and prepared several proposals for the meeting of the ad-hoc CIMO Working Group on the CIMO WIGOS Pilot Project.


WIGOS CIMO-Pilot Project—first session
eneva, Switzerland, 31 January-1 February 2008

The Session of the ad-hoc CIMO Working Group on the CIMO WIGOS Pilot Project (CIMO-WIGOS-PP) considered the expected involvement, role and responsibilities of CIMO in WIGOS.  To address these issues, it will be necessary to enhance communication and collaboration with other technical commissions and relevant WMO partner organizations that co-sponsor, own and/or operate some of the observing systems.

The Meeting agreed that the aim of the CIMO Pilot Project (CIMO-PP) is to show what will need to be done in the long-term to achieve the expected levels of integration and the benefits that WIGOS would achieve.

It was reiterated that the role of CIMO will not be limited only to the development and maintenance of observation standards and the traceability of measurements to international standards, but also would include matters related to instrument intercomparisons and testing, development of new instruments and systems, interoperability and compatibility of instruments and observing systems, and capacity-building activities.

The Meeting discussed the cross-cutting and underpinning role and responsibilities of CIMO within the WIGOS-WIS framework.  It examined the existing Terms of Reference (TOR) of the technical commissions in addressing CIMO’s role in the WIGOS-WIS framework and developed the first proposal of the CIMO-PP on WIGOS “Elaboration of the underpinning/crosscutting role and responsibilities of the Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme and CIMO in the context of WIGOS”, determining how CIMO could best contribute to and support the development of WIGOS.  This role and responsibilities underpin all observations within WIGOS, and will be carried out in close consultation with relevant WMO partner organizations that co-sponsor, own and/or operate some of the observing systems.


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RA II Advisory Working Group—eighth session
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 18-20 February 2008

The eighth session of the Advisory Working Group (AWG) of WMO Regional Association II (Asia) was held at Jeddah Conference Palace from 18 to 20 February 2008 with the participation of the president of RA II (Bahrain), permanent representatives or alternates/advisors of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan and invited experts.

The AWG reviewed various regional activities carried out in 2006-2008, including the organization of regional technical conferences and workshops and development and implementation of technical cooperation projects under trust fund arrangements and the WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme.  The session also reviewed the activities of the subsidiary bodies of RA II.


The session further reviewed the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Enhancement of National Meteorological Services (NMSs) in RA II (2005-2008) and the Strategy for the Enhancement of National Hydrological Services (NHSs) in RA II (Asia) (2006-2008).  The AWG welcomed the progress of the two pilot projects: project on the provision of city-specific numerical weather prediction products to developing countries via the Internet; and that to develop support for developing countries in the Aeronautical Meteorology Programme, leading to the enhancement of the capacities of NMHSs of developing countries, in particular the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).  The Group agreed to update/revise current strategic plans and prepare an integrated RA II Strategic Plan for NMHSs and its Implementation Plan in line with the WMO Strategic Plan.

To facilitate effective preparation of the 14th session of RA II (XIV-RA II) and the RA II Regional Seminar (Tashkent, Uzbekistan, December 2008), the AWG agreed on the concept of putting more emphasis on the discussion on regional challenges, priority development requirements and action plans for the development and implementation of the RA II Strategic Plan.  The AWG developed the draft provisional agenda and basic work plan for the session and discussed possible themes and topics for the Regional Seminar.

The AWG reviewed the activities of the WMO Office for West Asia since its inauguration in March 2007 and expressed its appreciation to the Government of Bahrain for its support.


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