April 2008

Upcoming events




14-25 April

14th GAWTEC Training Session (co-sponsored by WMO)

Hohenpeis-senberg, Germany

15-17 April

NGGIP - IPCC Expert Meeting on Software for the 2006 IPCC Guidelines


21-22 April

Meeting of the WWRP Working Group on Forecast Verification Research

Boulder, USA

21-23 April

IGACO-Ozone/UV-NDACC Meeting on Ozone Measurements


21-25 April

CBS OPAG-IOS:  Expert Team on Requirements for Data from Automatic Weather Stations (ET-AWS) - 4th Session


21-25 April

GCOS/WCRP Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate - 14th session (AOPC-XIV)


22 April

2nd Meeting of the Regional Planning and Advisory Group (RPAG) for Central America Project on Multi-Hazard Early Warning System

Orlando, USA

23-25 April

9th Meeting of the EMEP Task Force on Measurements and Modelling (TFMM) (co-sponsored by WMO)

Bordeaux, France

23-28 April

RA IV Hurricane Committee - 30th session (conjoint with Central American Multi-Hazard,  Early Warning System Project)

Orlando, USA

24-25 April

Expert Meeting to Evaluate Skill of TC Seasonal Forecasts

Boulder, USA

24-26 April

First Expert Group Meeting on Flood Mapping


5-9 May

CBS OPAG-IOS:  5th session of Expert Team on Requirements for Data from Automatic Weather Stations (ET-AWS-5)


6-8 May

4th International Symposium on Flood Defence, (co-sponsored by WMO)

Toronto, Canada

12-16 May

Implementation Coordination Team of the CBS OPAG-PWS

Shangai, China

13-15 May

CCl Expert Team on the Rescue, Preservation and Digitization of Climate Records

Bamako, Mali

18-21 May

7th Meeting of the Ozone Research Managers of the Parties to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer (co-sponsored by WMO)


19-21 May

CBS OPAG-IOS:  Fourth Workshop on the Impact of Various Observing Systems on NWP


27-29 May

Workshop on "Climate Change and the Offshore Industry"


30 May

Meeting of the Organizing Committee and the "CresT" on the Joint Industry Project on Extreme Waves


4-6 June

WMO/COST Action Symposium on Climate Change and Variability: Agrometeorological Monitoring and Coping Strategies for Agriculture

Aas, Norway

9-27 June

International Hydrometeorology Analysis and Forecasting Course (co-sponsored by WMO)

Boulder, USA

11-13 June

Meeting of the CAgM Management Group

Obninsk, Russian Federation

17 June

Financial Advisory Committee (FINAC) - 27th session


17 June

60th session of the WMO Bureau


18-27 June

Executive Council – Sixtieth session


5-9 July

The Aviation Seminar

Muscat, Oman

7-9 July

International Fire Warning Workshop

Edmonton, Canada

7-11 July

CBS OPAG-IOS:  4th Session of the Expert Team on Evolution of the GOS (ET-EGOS)


10-11 July

Meeting of the CAgM Expert Team on Agrometeorological Aspects of Sustainable Agricultural Development

Edmonton, Canada

11-17 July

RA V Tropical Cyclone Committee - 12th session

Alofi, Niue

14-16 July

International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation

Cancun, Mexico



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