April 2010


Dr Yuri A. Izrael / WMO /Africa Environment Day


Dr Yuri A. Izrael celebrated his 80th birthday on 15 May 2010

Dr Izrael is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has a long and distinguished career in Earth sciences, atmospheric physics and climatology.

He currently serves as director of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology under Roshydromet and Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr Izrael has dedicated the larger part of his very productive life to international cooperation in meteorology and hydrology. In addition to his significant personal scientific contributions he played an important role as a WMO Vice-President for twelve years and most recently as vice-chair of the WMO/UNEP co-sponsored IPCC. Dr Izrael was permanent Representative of the USSR with WMO for 18 years. He is also a recipient of the prestigious IMO Prize.

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WMO marks 60 years in service of human security

The National Meteorological and Hydrological Services around the world celebrated the World Meteorological Day (WMD) on 23 March 2010, marking the 60th anniversary of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization. Through a diverse range of activities, these events helped to sensitise people to the critical role being played by the national meteorological and hydrological services. This year’s theme is: “WMO – 60 years of service for your safety and well-being.” Presented below are some highlights from events to commemorate the WMD.

WMO headquarters, Geneva

  M Jarraud

Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General

At the WMO headquarters in Geneva, several events were organised to mark the WMD.  A special booklet to mark this occasion recalls historic achievements by the organization and illustrates sixty ways how WMO makes the difference in our daily lives. At a ceremony at the WMO premises, WMO Secretary-General M Jarraud gave a special address, recalling some of the milestones in the evolution of WMO. Dr Osvaldo F. Canziani, closely associated with the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was the Guest Speaker. Professor Walter R. Stahel, a prominent authority in Insurance Economics and Risk Management associated with Climate Change, addressed the audience as a special guest. The contemporary artist Remi Benyamin displayed some of his paintings inspired by satellite images. WMO staff closed the evening with a presentation of culinary delights from across the world.

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Africa Environment Day: Building resilience to climate change and protecting biodiversity

The Africa Environment Day was celebrated on 3 March 2010 in Arusha, Tanzania. This year’s theme focused on building African resilience to climate change and protecting Africa's unique biodiversity in the face of the mounting impacts of climate variability and change. The WMO Secretary-General of WMO, Michel Jarraud, joined the celebrations. In his statement, Mr Jarraud expressed WMO’s firm commitment to support Africa’s efforts. Giving an update on the Global Framework for Climate Services, he said that for Africa it would contribute to meet vital challenges in the areas of disaster prevention, food security and water management in a way fully compatible with the protection of the environment.


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