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World Meteorological Day 2010


The National Meteorological and Hydrological Services around the world celebrated the World Meteorological Day (WMD) on 23 March 2010, marking the 60th anniversary of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization. Through a diverse range of activities, these events helped to sensitise people to the critical role being played by the national meteorological and hydrological services. This year’s theme is: “WMO – 60 years of service for your safety and well-being.” Presented below are some highlights from events to commemorate the WMD.

WMO headquarters, Geneva

  M Jarraud

Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General

At the WMO headquarters in Geneva, several events were organised to mark the WMD.  A special booklet to mark this occasion recalls historic achievements by the organization and illustrates sixty ways how WMO makes the difference in our daily lives. At a ceremony at the WMO premises, WMO Secretary-General M Jarraud gave a special address, recalling some of the milestones in the evolution of WMO. Dr Osvaldo F. Canziani, closely associated with the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was the Guest Speaker. Professor Walter R. Stahel, a prominent authority in Insurance Economics and Risk Management associated with Climate Change, addressed the audience as a special guest. The contemporary artist Remi Benyamin displayed some of his paintings inspired by satellite images. WMO staff closed the evening with a presentation of culinary delights from across the world.

More information on presentations


Celebrations around the world


A press release announcing the celebration of the World Meteorological Day was sent to all media outlets in the country.


Brazil -UNEMET (National Union of Specialists in Meteorology)


Palestrante: Francisco de Assis Diniz, Assiste Técnico: WMD 2010. Sobre os 60 anos da WMO 100 anos do INMET. Principais eventos extremos na década de 2000 no Brasil.

UNEMET sent out the following communication:

“Dear Friends

23 March Day is without doubt the most important date for the international meteorological community. It mark creation, in 1950, of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), one of the most important Organisms of the United Nations (UN). Nowadays the WMO institution congregates 188 countries members and your headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

This year, the theme chosen to commemorate the World Meteorological day is “WMO: 60 years of service for your safety and well-being”.

Several WMO's Programs and another activities supplied exceptional examples during these six decades of social and economic benefits, in subjects related on weather, climate and hydrical resources management, that can be reached by several sectors, through the cooperation in the Meteorology knowledge, especially in safety and well-being human, obvious examples include agriculture and the alimentary safety, health, transport, tourism, civil construction and energy, among others.

Therefore, to the celebrate today the 60th Anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), UNEMET thanks determination and dedication by thousands of professionals, great numbers anonyms, responsible for operation of Meteorological services in wide world responsible for the Meteorology services operation in all the world.

Meteorological greetings,

Unemet Team”


Summary of the celebration of World Meteorological Day 2010 in Bulgaria

The following are the highlights of WMD celebration organized by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (NIMH-BAS):

1.   A press conference was given by the executive body of NIMH-BAS on 22 March. After his presentation, the NIMH-BAS Director-General Dr Georgi Korchev responded to questions from the media.  Articles appeared in 4 national newspapers and several news websites. Interviews were done for radio-stations and short TV-reports were made, including on the national television. A DVD containing full record of the press conference and number of photos are available.


2.    A special event “Welcome to us!” was announced during the press conference on the 22nd of March and held on the 23rd of March in the central building of NIMH-BAS. The event included a tour for the guests to show key elements of the NIMH-BAS’ system with focus on the Weather Forecasting Department where, on the occasion of the WMD 2010, the Bulgarian module of the European system “Meteoalarm” (http://www.meteoalarm.eu) was started. The new system for hydro-forecasts and systems for early warning developed in the NIMH-BAS (i.e., ones for flooding, for high levels of air pollution, for nuclear accidents) were also presented. The scientific activities and research projects of the Institute were illustrated by posters. A brochure on climate change was published and disseminated.

The event was shown in TV-reportages, including on the national television.

Hong Kong, China

The Hong Kong Observatory celebrated the 2010 WMD with the annual meet the media conference on 23 March 2010 hosted by the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory.  Several new services for the public were launched on the same day.  The event was widely reported by the media and the press releases, in English and Chinese are available on the Hong Kong Observatory Website.

As part of the celebration for WMD, the annual Open Day of the Hong Kong Observatory was conducted on 27 and 28 March 2010.  This popular event with exhibits, instruments on display and educational games was attended by about 10,000 people. The theme of this year was "Braving the storm together for over a hundred years".  Press release in both English and Chinese is available on the Website.


On March 29 China Meteorological Administration (CMA) held a forum to celebrate the 60th anniversary of National Meteorological Center (NMC). The forum was chaired by Duan Yihong, Director-general of NMC.


The following articles capture the feedback by way of WMD celebrations in Germany.





The India Meteorological Department celebrated WMD by issuing communiqué to the media, live telecast on the national TV channel Doordarshan. The IMD was open to the public on 23rd March, with invitations being sent to school children. Exhibits were displayed in the office premises. A short documentary film was shown in the Seminar Hall and a lecture related to topic was organised.

The Director General of Meteorology, India Meteorological Department, Dr Ajit Tyagi expressed his views on “60 Years of Service for your Safety and Well-Being”.

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) celebrated the WMD at its premises in Pune. On this occasion, the Institute observed Open Day for general public and students of schools, colleges and universities. Among the visitors was Dr Udaya Bhaskar, Department of Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT, USA. He delivered a seminar on "Aerosol Cloud Interactions: A New Perspective in Precipitation Enhancement" on 23 March 2010.



The WMD celebration was attended by a majority of Iraqi meteorologists and other participants from Iraqi agencies that have a close relation with meteorology and hydrology.






A press conference dedicated to the celebration of the World Meteorological Day 2010 with the theme “60 years of service for your safety and well-being”  was held in  Chişinău on 23rd March 2010. Representatives of the State Hydrometeorological Service, Ministry of Environment, and delegates from other institutions and the mass media partipated in the event. During the discussions it was mentioned that the State Hydrometeorological Service represents the main unit of national infrastructure for the prevention and mitigation of natural hazards impact and that the success of the WMO activity would be impossible without international cooperation, due to the fact that climate and weather have no administrative and economic boundaries.

The Ministry of Environment has highly appreciated the dedication and skill of meteorologists in providing the forecasts and warnings. On the occasion of the WMD, the State Hydrometeorological Service prepared a press release that, along with the message of WMO Secretary-General, was distributed to mass media. In addition, the representatives of the State Hydrometeorological Service had participated in several TV and radio programmes dedicated to the celebration of WMD, including live broadcast.

The Netherlands

The WMD 2010 events were picked up by the important press agency ANP (release attached.) Coverage was also done by many programmes on radio and TV, mostly in the weather forecast. In addition, the KNMI news was also diffused by NOS Teletekst, the most important public broadcast.

News on the KNMI Website

ANP coverage
WMO bestaat zestig jaar
Dinsdag, 23 maart 2010 / 15:08

DE BILT (ANP) - De Wereld Meteorologische Organisatie (WMO) in Genève bestaat dinsdag zestig jaar. Dit onderdeel van de Verenigde Naties heeft als doel internationale samenwerking en wetenschappelijk onderzoek op het gebied van weer en klimaat. Er zijn 183 landen en zes gebiedsdelen (zoals de Antillen en Nieuw-Caledonië) lid van.

De organisatie kwam op 23 maart 1950 officieel van de grond. Nederland trad op 12 september 1951 toe. De hoofddirecteur van het KNMI vertegenwoordigt Nederland bij de WMO, staat op de website van het weerinstituut.

De dag van oprichting is de jaarlijkse Wereld Meteorologische Dag, iedere keer met een ander thema. Nu is dat ,,60 jaar dienstverlening voor uw veiligheid en welzijn'', waarin de WMO achterom kijkt naar alle initiatieven die in haar bestaan zijn ontplooid. Het gaat om gebieden waarop de meteorologie veel invloed heeft zoals landbouw, veiligheid, transport, gezondheid, toerisme en energie, aldus het KNMI.

(c) ANP 2010 alle rechten voorbehouden

New Zealand

The New Zealand MetService created a special page on their blog site regarding the World Met Day, tracing New Zealand’s historical connections and the advances made in the last 60 years.

Requests for information packs were also attended to.


The WMD celebration by Spain’s meteorological Agency is described on its Website.

South Africa

A media statement was issued by the government on progress in air quality monitoring.

Sri Lanka

World Meteorological Day was held at the Department of Meteorology (DOM) Auditorium. The programme was mainly centred on the theme of this year “60 years of service for your safety and well-being.” DOM invited officials from sectors who make use of weather information and help the DOM by providing meteorological data voluntarily. Main invitees were Secretaries to the Line Ministry, Director Generals of key user Organizations, Officers from Education Sector, Officers from voluntary Rainfall observing network, and Officers from agro meteorological network.

In addition to this, and to go along with the theme, senior retired meteorological Observers, Meteorologists and Directors were invited, in order to appreciate their services to the country.

The programme was mainly focused on the history of the Department and the evolution of weather forecasting since its inception when resources were meagre. Presentations were made on the current early warning system and the development in meteorological instrumentation and technology. The importance of the present meteorological communication system and weather observing system to reduce the impact from meteorological hazards, in order to save lives and property was highlighted.

An interesting highlight of the programme was a talk on “How we fared then, Department of Meteorology 60 years ago.” This was delivered by one of the former Directors and Ex-president of World Meteorological Organization for Region II, Mr. I. T. De Mel. He explained many important milestones of the meteorological service in Sri Lanka. The difficulties of issuing weather forecast, observing meteorological data were also explained. He expressed his satisfaction over the developments and improvements in the DOM.

A day-long meteorological exhibition was also organized for the general public along with the main programme. The meteorological museum was ceremonially opened by Mr. De Mel in the department premises.


In Zambia, the Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD) together with key stakeholders and various end users of weather and climate information, held the commemorations by staging various events. The events are highlighted below under the subheadings: Opening ceremony, Drama, Twining Project presentation, Familiarisation tour, Entertainment, Quiz, Cake cutting and Refreshments/ Lunch. The ceremony was moderated by Dr. Joseph K. Kanyanga, Chief Meteorologist, ZMD. >> More


Zimbabwe Meteorological Department released a film:
MSD Celebrating 60 years of service for your safety and well-being.



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