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April 2011

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A round-up of recent WMO activities in a variety of fields. >>More


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Regional round-up

News from recent workshops, major meetings from WMO and partners. >>More



2010 equals record for world's warmest year

WMO has published its Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2010. The year was notable in that global surface temperatures reached record values at the same level as in 1998 and 2005, consistent with the acceleration of the warming experienced over the last 50 years. >> More


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Polar research boosts understanding of our climate and global environment

Understanding Earth’s Polar Challenges: International Polar Year 2007–2008
Summary by the IPY Joint committee >> More

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A day in the life of a UK forecaster

Weather forecasters have a varied and challenging career. This article outlines a typical day of a UK forecaster at the Environmental Monitoring And Response Centre, known as the “EMARC Desk” of the UK Met Office.  >> More

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New brochure: Weather extremes in a changing climate

Devastating climate and weather-related events recorded in recent years have captured public interest. >> More




WMO expressed condolences at the passing away of Dr Carl Christian Wallén and Dr Brian Tucker. >> More


BLUE art for climate — An alliance of reason and emotion for action

BLUE brings together on the web painters from all over the world in a tribute to scientists, meteorologists, hydrologists and climatologists. >>More

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