Avril 2011

Le calendrier des réunions est disponible en anglais uniquement.


Date Title Place
3–13 May WG III - Preparatory CLA Mtg for SRREN (3-4 May); WG III - 11th session, approval and acceptance of SRREN (5-8 May); Press conference to announce SRREN (9 May); 33rd session of the IPCC (10-13 May) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
3–6 May Work Plan Symposium Geneva
3–7 May Workshop on Human Resources Development for NMHSs in South and East African Countries Pretoria, South Africa
4–6 May CAgM Expert Team on the User Response to Climate Variability and Climate Change Topol’cianky, Slovakia
9–11 May RARS Implementation Group and IGDDS Implementation Group - Joint fifth Meeting Boulder, CO, USA
9–10 May CAgM Management Group Bratislava, Slovakia
9–11 May SWFDP - RA I Eastern Africa NWP/Web Developers Workshop Nairobi, Kenya
11–13 May 12th EMEP Task Force for Measurement and Modelling Meeting (co-sponsored) Zurich, Switzerland
14–15 May 30th session of the Financial Advisory Committee of the Executive Council (FINAC) Geneva
15–May Session of the WMO Bureau Geneva
16–19 May The Year of Tropical Convection International Science Symposium and the 8th Asian Monsoon Years International Workshop Beijing, China
16 May–3 June Sixteenth World Meteorological Congress (Cg-XVI) Geneva
17–19 May 1st session of the North Eurasian Regional Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF) (co-sponsored) Moscow, Russian Federation
19–May WMO Consultative Meetings oh High-level Policy on Satellite Matters - Eleventh session Geneva
23–May Side Event on “Global Framework for Climate Services” during Cg-XVI Geneva
6–8 June Sixty-third Session of the Executive Council (EC-LXIII) Geneva
6–8 June Global Space-based Inter-calibration Systems, tenth session (GSICS-EP-10) Geneva
6–17 June UKMO-WMO Training Workshop on Appreciation and Use of Dynamical Seasonal Forecasts (co-sponsored) Nairobi, Kenya
8–9 June APFM Advisory Committee and management Committee Meeting Geneva
14–17 June CBS OPAG-IOS: Sixth session of the Expert Team on Evolution of the GOS Geneva
14–18 June JCOMM Ice Analysts Workshop Copenhagen, Denmark
16–17 June 2011 UNCG Annual Meeting Geneva
20–23 June Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project (SWFDP), RA I - Eastern Africa, Regional Subproject Team (RSMT) Nairobi, Kenya
27–28 June THORPEX DAOS Working Group Meeting Exeter, UK
28 June–7 July 25th IAHS General Assembly (co-sponsored) Melbourne, Australia
7–9 July Extended Hydrological Prediction Workshop Melbourne, Australia
11–13 July RMIC-2. JCOMM Marine Instrumentation Workshop for the Asia-Pacific Region Tianjin, China
12–13 July 22nd Session of the Executive Committee of the Group on Earth Observation Geneva
14–15 July Expert Meeting on National Drought Policy
Washington, DC, USA
31 Augustus– 2 September 9th THORPEX GIFS-TIGGE Working Group Meeting Geneva

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