August 2008

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Brazilian Meteorological Service / Rehabilitation of Iraqi Meteorological Organization / New satellite to monitor weather, oceans and climate / New international meteorological award 


Brazilian Meteorological Service expands its observing network

Under a project being carried out by WMO with the National Meteorological Institute of Brazil (INMET), some 400 automatic weather stations in support of agriculture have so far been installed.

The data collected are transmitted every hour in real-time and are freely available to users on the INMET Website.

When complete, the network will comprise 500 stations.


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Rehabilitation of Iraqi Meteorological Organization

WMO and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs–General Directorate for Development Cooperation have signed a cooperation agreement for a programme of action for the rehabilitation of the Iraqi Meteorological Organization.

WMO will provide technical advice and assistance for the re-establishment of the meteorological infrastructure in Iraq, oversee the training of technical staff and support the acquisition of equipment and technology required to reinstate the full range of services required by various sectors such as disaster management, transport, aviation, agriculture and water and drought management.

The project will thus stimulate the economic and social development of Iraq.








Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of WMO, and Giovanni Caracciolo di Vietri, Representative of the Republic of Italy


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New satellite to monitor weather, oceans and climate

EUMETSAT’s Jason-2 ocean altimetry satellite was successfully launched by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration from Vandenberg Air Force Base,  California, on 20 June.

On 4 July, Jason-2 reached its operational orbit some 1 336 km above the Earth at a 66º inclination.

Jason-1 and Jason-2 will fly in formation for a few months, making nearly simultaneous measurements to allow scientists to precisely calibrate Jason-2’s instruments. This will allow Jason-2 to become fully operational by the end of the year.

Jason-2’s Ocean Surface Topography Mission will provide a vital contribution to the monitoring of weather, ocean circulation and climate change and to long-term and seasonal climate predictions.



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New international meteorological award

The Indian Meteorological Society (IMS) has constituted the Sir Gilbert Walker Gold Medal, which will be given biennially, starting in 2009, to a scientist whose studies in the field of monsoon have earned international recognition. The judging committee comprises the president and two fellows of the IMS. Nominations will be invited through letters to institutions and announcements in international journals.

Sir Gilbert Walker was an eminent meteorologist who is best known for his ground-breaking description of the Southern Oscillation (a global climate phenomenon related to El Niño) and who pioneered research into long-range forecasting of the Indian monsoon. He was Director General of the India Meteorological Department for 20 years, from 1904 to 1924.


Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker

More information about Sir Gilbert Walker can be found on the Website of the Walker Institute of Reading University, United Kingdom.


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