August 2008

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4-8 August

Roving Seminar on Operation and Maintenance of Automatic Meteorological and Hydrometric Stations

Montevideo, Uruguay

7-8 August

10th Meeting of the WMO Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) on UV (Co-sponsored by WMO)

Foz do Iguassu, Brazil

7- 8 August

Working Group on Climate Related Matters (WG/CRM)

Tokyo, Japan

11-15 August

Training Course on Climate Risk Management in Water Resources

Brasilia, Brazil

25-29 August

Regional Symposium on Climate Change, Food Security, Sea Level Rise and Environment in South Asia

Dhaka, Bangladesh

25-29 August

International Disaster Reduction Conference (IDRC)

Davos, Switzerland

31 August-4 September

29th Session of IPCC


1-5 September

Coordination Team on Migration to Table-Driven Code Forms (CT-MTDCF) and Expert Team on Data Representation and Codes (ET-DRC)


2-5 September

Expert Team on Satellite Systems-Fourth session and Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products-Fourth session

Langen, Germany

3-5 September

Second Meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the WCC-3


7-12 September

Tenth IGAC Biennial Conference Bridging the Scales in Atmospheric Chemistry (Co-sponsored by WMO)

Annecy, France

8-11 September

WMO WCRP IPY Workshop on CLIPS in the Polar Regions:  Climate Product Generation, User Liaison and Training

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

15-17 September

CIMO OPAG-SURFACE:  Meeting of the Expert Team and the International Organizing Committee on Surface-based Instrument Intercomparisons

Vigna di Valle, Italy

15-17 September

Training Workshop on the Assessment of Socio-economic Benefits of Meteorological and Hydrological Services

Sofia, Bulgaria

15-18 September

CBS OPAG-IOS:  Fifth Session of the Implementation Coordination Team on Integrated Observing Systems (ICT-IOS-5)


15-19 September

International Workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change in West African Agriculture

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

15-19 September

2nd Meeting of RA VI Working Group on Planning and Implementation of the WWW

Toulouse, France

15-28 September

RA III Training Workshop on Use of GDPFS Products and PWS to initiate Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project in Support of Natural Disaster Reduction

Curitiba, Brazil

18-19 September

Joint Steering Group for the IODE Ocean Data Portal and the JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS


22-26 September

THORPEX Strategic Planning Workshop and Meetings of the THORPEX Working Groups


22-26 September

Eighteenth International Congress of Biometeorology (Co-sponsored by WMO)

Tokyo, Japan

22-26 September

CIMO OPAG-SURFACE:  Expert Team on Surface Technology and Measurement Techniques - Second session


22 September-3 October

Regional Training Course on the Use of Environmental Satellite Data in Meteorological Applications for RA III and RA IV

Falda del Carmen, Argentina

23-23 September

Coordination Meeting with Partners for Planning of the "2nd International Experts' Symposium on Early Warning Systems with Multi-Hazard Approach"


23-26 September

Meeting of the CCl Expert Team on Research Needs for Intraseasonal, Seasonal and Interannual Prediction, including the Application of these Predictions

Silver Spring, USA

25 September

Humanitarian Community Requirements for Meteorological, Hydrological and Climate Information / WIS


29 September-3 October

CBS Implementation Coordination Team on Data-Processing and Forecasting System (DPFS)

Montreal, Canada

6-9 October

WMO Coordination and Capacity Building Workshop for Least-developed Countries (LDCs) in Asia-Pacific

Port Vila, Vanuatu

6-10 October

RA I Tropical Cyclone Committee for the South-West Indian Ocean- Eighteenth session

Lilongwe, Malawi

9-10 October

RA VI Regional Scientific and Technical Conference on the Role of NMHSs in Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards Impact (Co-sponsored by WMO)

Chisinau, Moldova

13-17 October

ECMWF Training Course for WMO Members (Co-sponsored by WMO)

Reading, United Kingdom

13-18 October

24th session of the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel and 28th session of the Argos Joint Tariff Agreement

Cape Town, South Africa

14-17 October

GCOS Steering Committee - Sixteenth session


20-25 October

Fourth International Workshop on Monsoons

Beijing, China

24-25 October

WMO/WWRP Workshop on Operational Monsoon Research and Forecast Issues

Beijing, China

27-29 October

Third Meeting of the CAS Management Group


28-30 October

3rd Meeting of the Inter-Commission Task Team on Quality Management Framework (ICTT-QMF/3)


29-30 October

Expert Meeting on "development of Hazards Programme for NMHSs"


29-31 October

Expert Meeting on "Development of Meteorological Guidelines for Hazards Programmes of NMHSs"


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