August 2009

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10–14 August

Capacity Building Programme on Integrated Flood Management

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10–14 August

GURME Training Course on Air Quality Forecasting for Mexico and the Latin American Cities Project (Co-sponsored)

Mexico City, Mexico

10–14 August

Ad hoc CBS-CIMO WIGOS Coordination Meeting


16–27 August

Stream Flow Capacity Building Workshop

Nairobi, Kenya

16–29 August

17th GAWTEC Training session

Hohenpeissenberg, Germany

17 August

Meeting of the UN-Water Task Force on Water and Climate Change

Stockholm, Sweden

17–21 August

Course on Management of Climate Data

Lima, Peru

18–19 August

World Water Week and its Side Event (Co-sponsored)

Stockholm, Sweden

24–26 August

The 24th Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum (GHACOF-24)

Nairobi, Kenya

24–28 August

6th International Scientific Conference on GEWEX


25–28 August

Brainstorming Workshop on Need Assesment of PTC WG-DPP in Implementation of Coordinated Technical Plan

Bangkok, Thailand

30 August

4th Meeting of the International Organizing Committee for the WCC-3


30 August–7 September

WMO Symposium on Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting and Meeting of the WWRP Nowcasting Working Group (Co-sponsored)

Whistler, Canada

31 August–4 September

World Climate Conference Three (WCC-3)


31 August–4 September

4th session of the Reduced Joint Meeting of the CIMO Expert Team on Upper-Air Systems Intercomparisons and 4th International Organizing Committee on Upper-Air Systems Intercomparisons

Yangjiang, China

31 August–4 September

RA III and RA IV Iberoamerican Countries Attendance to the WCC-3


6-12 September

8th IAHS Scientific Assembly and 37th IAH Congress (Co-sponsored)

Hyderabad, India

7–8 September

Meeting of the External Reviewers of the third Edition of the Guide to Climatological Practices (WMO No. 100)


7–17 September

4th Intercomparison Campaign of the Regional Brewer Calibration Center-Europe (Co-sponsored)

Huelva, Spain

7–19 September

15th WMO/IAEA Mtg of Experts on Carbone Dioxide, other Greenhouse Gases and related Tracer Measurement Techniques, GAW Scientific Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases and 8th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (Co-sponsored)

Jena, Germany

9–11 September

Third Session of the Joint Scientific committee (JSC) for OPAG-WWRP

Monterey, California, USA

14–16 September

Joint Meeting of WG I/WG II Expert Meeting on Detection and Attribution


14–18 September

CIMO Expert Team on Meteorological Radiation and Atmospheric Composition Measurements

Davos, Switzerland

14–18 September

Steering Group on Radio-Frequency Coordination (SG-RFC) (14-15 September 2009); and ITU-WMO Seminar on Radio-Frequencies for Weather, Water and Climate Monitoring and Prediction (16-18 September)


14–18 September

Drought Monitor Training Workshop

Bamako, Mali

16–17 September

WMO Regional Seminar on the implementation of the RA VI Strategic Plan

Brussels, Belgium

16–18 September

GURME Air Quality Moelling training Workshop for the Shanghai MHEWS project

Shanghai, China

16–25 September

Meeting on the Use and Interpretation of Products

Antigua, Guatemala

17–18 September

40th session of IPCC Bureau


18–24 September

Fifteenth Session of Regional Association VI (Europe)

Brussels, Belgium

20 September

12th biennial WMO-GAW Brewer Users Group Meeting

Aosta, Italy

21–25 September

CAeM Management Group


21–25 September

OceanObs'09 Symposium (Co-sponsored)

Venice, Italy

21–28 September

Training Workshop on the Assessment of Socio-economic Benefits of Meteorological and Hydrological Services

Nanjing, China

28 September–2 October

CBS Expert Team on Ensemble Prediction Systems (ET-EPS)

Exeter, United Kingdom

28 September–2 October

The Met Office Aviation Seminar

Alanya, Turkey

28 September–3 October

25th session of the Data Buoy Co-operation Panel and 29th session of the Argos Joint Tariff Agreement

Paris, France

28 September–3 October

National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction in South-Eastern Ëurope Workshop (28-30 September); and
Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems Training Workshop South Eastern Europe Project (SEE) (1-3 October 2009)

Pula, Croatia

28 September–9 October

Seminar on the Development of Aplications for the Visualization of Meteorological Information

San Jose, Costa Rica

28 September–10 October

Training on Storm Surge Forecasting at Indian Institute of Technology (ITT)

New Delhi, India

29 September–16 October

8th Southern Hemisphere Training Course on Tropical Cyclones and 8th Southern Hemisphere Workshop on PWS

Melbourne, Australia

5-9 October

Fifth WMO International Symposium on Data Assimilation

Melbourne, Australia

5-9 October

Training Workshop on GUAN Upper-Air Observations for RA II (Asia)

New Delhi, India

5-9 October

Training Workshop on Curriculum Development in Aeronautical Meteorology

Alanya, Turkey

12-16 October

Tenth Session of the International Ice Chart Working Group


12-16 October

ECMWF Training Course for WMO Members (Co-sponsored)

Reading, United Kingdom

13-15 October

1st session of the EC Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services (EC-PORS-1)

Ottawa, Canada

14-16 October

3rd session of the EC Working Group on Climate and related Weather, Water and Environmental Matters


15-16 October

2nd Meeting of Joint Steering Group for the IODE Ocean Data Portal and the WIGOS Pilot Project for JCOMM

Ostend, Belgium

18-23 October

11th Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting and 2nd Coastal Hazard Symposium

Halifax, Canada

19-23 October

2nd WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclone Landfall Process

Shanghai, China

19-23 October

Executive Council Working Group on the WMO Integrated Global Observing System and the WMO Information System (EC-WG/WIGOS-WIS) Second Session of EC-WG/WIGOS-WIS Sub-group on WIGOS (SG-WIGOS-2)


19-30 October

IRI/WMO Workshop on the Tailoring of Seasonal Climate Forecasts: Training Exerts in the Climate Predictability Tool (Co-sponsored)

Beijing, China

26-27 October

9th Climate Outlook Forum for the Western Coast of South America (Co-sponsored)

Cuzco, Peru

26-27 October

13th Meeting of the WMO Audit Committee


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