December 2008

Upcoming events





1–3 December
Joint Meeting of the Working Group on Verification Research and Working Group on Mesoscale Forecasting Research Shanghai, China
1–5 December
5th TCP/JCOMM Workshop on Storm Surge and Wave Forecasting. Preparatory Meeting 30 Nov. Melbourne, Australia
2–5 December
Meeting of the CBS OPAG Expert Team on Public Weather Services in Support of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (ET/DPM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3–4 December
Regional Seminar in RA II (Asia) Tashkent, Uzbekistan
4–5 December
29th Regional Climatic Outlook Forum for South-eastern South America (Co-sponsored by WMO) Asuncion, Paraguay
4–11 December
Global Cryosphere Watch Meeting and CliC Scientific Steering Group Meeting Geneva
5–11 December
Fourteenth Session of Regional Association II (Asia) Tashkent, Uzbekistan
8–11 December
Regional Workshop on Climate Monitoring and Analysis of Climate Variability: Implementation of Climate Watch Systems in RA III Guayaquil, Ecuador
8–11 December
Mtg of the CAgM Expert Team on Drought and Extreme Temperatures: Preparedness and Management for Sustainable Agriculture, Rangelands, Forestry and Fisheries Beijing, China
8–12 December
JCOMM Management Committee - Seventh session Melbourne, Australia
8–12 December
GURME Training Course on Air Quality Forecasting for India and South Asia (Co-sponsored by WMO) Pune, India
8–12 December
CIMO OPAG-UPPER-AIR: Expert Team on Remote Sensing Upper-air Technology and Techniques - second session Geneva
9–10 December
WIS Common Alerting Protocol (X.1303) Implementation Workshop Geneva
10–14 December
Meeting of the GESAMP Working Group 38 (Co-sponsored by WMO) Tucson, USA
15–16 December
Storm Surge Watch Scheme Action Team Mtg Melbourne, Australia

12–14 January

12th session of the CLIVAR Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction

Miami, USA

26–30 January

Joint GEOmon/IMECC Meeting


2–4 February

20 Meeting of Presidents of Technical Commissions


11–13 February

Second session of the EC Working Group on Climate and related Weather, Water and Environmental Matters (EC-WG-CWE-2)


23–25 February

International Conference on Challenges and Opportunities in Agrometeorology

New Delhi, India

26–28 February

Meeting of the CAgM Implementation/Coordination Team on Support Systems for Agrometeorological Services

New Delhi, India

9–13 March

Third THORPEX International Science Symposium

Monterey, CA, USA

23–24 March

CBS Technical Conference (dates tentative)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

23 March–3 April

RA IV Workshop on Hurricane Forecasting and Warning and Public Weather Services

Miami, USA

25 March–2 April

Commission for Basic Systems - Fourteenth session (dates tentative)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

1–3 April

CCl Management Group


18–21 May

International Workshop on Content, communication and Use of Agrometeorological Products and Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Toowoomba, Australia

3–12 June

Executive Council - Sixty-first Session


16 March

Third Meeting of the International Organizing Committee for the WCC-3

Bonn, Germany

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