December 2009

Upcoming events


Title Place

1–2 December

Meeting of the Working Group on Mesoscale Forecasting Research

De Bilt, Netherlands

2–5 December

RA V Sub-group on Global Telecommunication System - Information and Services System

Hawaii, USA

4–5 December

CIMO OPAG-UPPER-AIR:  Expert Team on Regional Instruments Centres, Quality Management Systems and Commercial Instruments Initiatives - 2nd session

Casablanca, Morocco

4–5 December

Second Expert Group Meeting on Flood Mapping


7–10 December

Workshop on Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project Development for Southeast Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam

7–10 December

RA V Working Group on Planning and Implementation of the World Weather Watch


7–11 December

Quality Management Framework Overview / Auditor Training Workshop


7–11 December

Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems Training Workshop and Coordination Meeting for Establishment of End-to-end EWS Demonstration Project in SADC and 1 day Coordination Meeting with Implementation & Donor Partners in the Region

Pretoria, South Africa

7–18 December

COP 15 and CMP 5:  15th session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) - 31st session of the Subsidiary Bodies (SBSTA and SBI)

Copenhagen, Denmark

8–10 December

Workshop on the Strategy and Action Plan of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative


8–11 December

Inter-Regional Workshop on Indices and Early Warning Systems for Drought

Lincoln, USA

14–18 December

7th session of the RA V Working Group on Hydrology, SEA-HYCOS Planning Meeting Regional Training Workshop on Low Flow Measurement

Bandung, Indonesia

17–18 December

International Symposium on Weather, Climate and Sustainable Development (Co-sponsored)

New Delhi, India

11–12 January 2010

Intergovernmental Meeting for the High-level Taskforce on the Global Framework for Climate Services

CICG, Geneva

12–15 January 2010

2nd Meeting of the GESAMP Working Group 38 (Co-sponsored)

London, UK

25–29 January 2010

Workshop on Capacity Building on seasonal forecast for Hydrological Purposes

Guayaquil, Ecuador

1–3 February 2010

Meeting of the CAgM Management Group


3–10 February 2010

Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology - Fourteenth Session (CAeM-XIV)

Hong-Kong, China

16–18 February 2010

CCl Technical Conference "Changing Climate and Demands for Climate Services for Sustainable Development"

Antalya, Turkey

19–24 February 2010

Commission for Climatology - Fifteenth Session (CCl-XV)

Antalya, Turkey

30 April–6 May 2010

Fifteenth Session of Regional Association V (South-West Pacific) (XV-RA V)

Denpasar, Indonesia

8-18 June 2010

Executive Council - Sixty-second Session (EC-LXII)





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