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Salvador Alaimo / Professor J.C.I. Dooge / Professor Igor A. Shiklomanov


WMO mourns passing of Salvador Alaimo

  Salvador Alaimo

WMO expresses its condolences at the passing away of Salvador Alaimo, WMO Second Vice-President from 1987 to 1994.

He passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 19 September 2010.

He was elected to the WMO Executive Council in 1983 by the 9th World Meteorological Congress. The subsequent World Meteorological Congress elected him as Second Vice-President in 1987, and he was re-elected in 1991. He served in, and often chaired, many WMO Executive Council working groups.

Born in San Juan, Argentina in 1934, Salvador Alamo graduated from the Argentine Air Force Academy and was commissioned to the USA to study meteorology with the US Air Force, receiving a M.Sc. in Professional Meteorology from Saint Louis University. He served most of his career with the National Meteorological Service of Argentina, where he was appointed Director-General in 1982.

Commodore Alaimo was elected to the WMO Executive Council in 1983 by the IXth World Meteorological Congress. Subsequently, the Xth Congress elected him Second Vice-President in 1987 and he was re-elected as such in 1991 by the XIth Congress. Throughout this time he served in, and often chaired, a number of key WMO Executive Council working groups. He retired from the NMS of Argentina at the end of 1993 but continued as Permanent Representative of his country and WMO Second Vice-President until mid-1994.



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WMO pays tribute to Professor J.C.I. Dooge


WMO expressed condolences at the passing away of Professor J.C.I. Dooge on 20 August. He was one of the few who had a brilliant carrier as a hydrologist and as a distinguished politician, having served as Irish Foreign Minister.

Professor Dooge’s immensely useful contributions to the field of hydrology, water resources and efforts to mainstream principles of water management in global political awareness were exemplary.

He broke scientific ground in theoretical hydrology and showed his political astuteness in arranging for the International Conference on Water and the Environment to be hosted in Dublin in 1992 that was the precursor for the Rio Earth Summit. The “Dublin Principles” were influential in shaping water management policy in the last 20 years.

Professor Dooge was awarded the International Hydrology Prize in 1983 and the International Meteorological Organization Prize in 1999 as the only non-meteorologist to be so honoured. He continues to be an inspiration and mentor for many.

Tribute to Prof Dooge


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  Prof shiklomanov

WMO mourns passing of Professor Igor A. Shiklomanov

It is with deep regret that WMO has learned of the sudden death of Professor Igor A. Shiklomanov, the Director of the State Hydrological Institute, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. He passed away on August 22, 2010, in his 72nd year, in St. Petersburg.

Professor Shiklomanov was well-known to hydrologists of many countries. He was recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on hydrology and water resources, and was the author of more than 250 publications. For more than 30 years, Professor Shiklomanov actively contributed to international cooperation in the field of hydrology and water resources within UNESCO, WMO, IAHS and UNEP. His many years of dedicated services for the WMO Technical Commission for Hydrology and as chair of the Working Group on Hydrology of Regional Association II (Asia) were exemplary, as he helped shaping the Hydrology and Water Resources Programme of WMO. His contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), first as a Co-Chair of the Hydrology and Water Resources Working Group during the First IPCC Assessment and later as a Lead Author of the Hydrology and Water Resources Chapter of the Working Group II (Impacts) report during the Third IPCC Assessment, are unforgettable.

Professor Shiklomanov’s scientific activity was highly recognized by the international scientific community. He was the only Russian hydrologist awarded the International Prize of UNESCO, WMO and IAHS for outstanding achievements in hydrology and international cooperation (2001) and the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievements (2006).


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