February 2010



Russian Hydrometeorological Service (Roshydromet): 175 years

  President WMO

The Russian Hydrometeorological Service (Roshydromet), one of the oldest in the world, dates back to the founding of the Normal Observatory in St Petersburg in 1834, which was the first institution in the world to begin coordinating a country’s meteorological and magnetic observations using standardized methods. The Roshydromet network currently includes 1 871 stations and 3 102 posts. Some 65 000 users draw on Roshydromet forecasts in their professional activities. Ensuring the safety of the public’s everyday activities is a top priority for Roshydromet.

The Russian Federation is a vital partner for Members of Regional Associations II (Asia) and VI (Europe), since it supports the functioning of a vast network of observing stations, it operates important meteorological satellites and has within its territory one of the three World Meteorological Centres maintained by WMO, as well as four Regional Specialized Meteorological Centres (RSMCs), three Regional Telecommunication Hubs (RTHs) and a Regional Training Centre (RTC).





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