February 2008

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La Niña latest

La Niña conditions, which started in the third quarter of 2007, continue across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific. >>More
Cape Point   Measurements of atmospheric ozone/nitrogen ratio in air at Cape Point, South Africa

In September 2007, sampling equipment for the analysis of ozone/nitrogen, argon/nitrogen and carbon dioxide was installed at the Cape Point Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) station in South Africa. >>More

Met office  

Capacity-building in the South-West Pacific

WMO facilitates the installation, restoration and upgrading of facilities and equipment and the training of staff of Meteorological Services of Small Island Developing States in the South-West Pacific. >>More


Fiftieth anniversary of the global CO2 record
Leaders of science, business and policy discuss adaptation and mitigation strategies

In the face of decades of increasing world demand for energy, scientists have made tremendous strides toward understanding and reducing uncertainty in key areas of climate change. >>More
wmo building  

Highlights of international cooperation in 2007

A milestone in 2007 was the release of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), founded and sponsored jointly by WMO and the United Nations Environment Programme since 1988. >>More
snow and sun  

Extremely cold winter in the Islamic Republic of Iran

During 18 days from 10 to 27 January 2008, the minimum temperature in Tehran was continuously less than -5ºC; the lowest temperature recorded was -11ºC, while the maximum temperature was below 0ºC for 12 days. >>More

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