February 2008

Capacity-building in the South-West Pacific

WMO facilitates the installation, restoration and upgrading of facilities and equipment and the training of staff of Meteorological Services of Small Island Developing States in the South-West Pacific.

Cook Islands

In early June 2007, the Cook Islands Meteorological Service had its Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) system restored. It is a one-way communication system, used for back-up and in emergencies for receiving warnings.

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Three staff members of the Fiji Meteorological Service and the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre in Nadi (RSMC Nadi) graduated to the level of Meteorologist in November 2007 at the Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre in Melbourne, Australia. They have now returned to RSMC Nadi and resumed their duties.


Four members of Kiribati Meteorological Services attended a six-month training course at the WMO Regional Training Centre in the Philippines.

A new wind vane/anemometer was installed on Christmas Island’s Global Climate Observing System Surface Network Station (WMO Station No: 91490) within the framework of the WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme.


Solomon Islands

Two staff members of the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service completed a 10-month postgraduate diploma in meteorology at the Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre, in Melbourne, Australia. They have now returned to the Solomon Islands and resumed their duties with the Meteorological Service.

The Honiara Upper-air Station, which is part of the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) was restored and upgraded.


A staff member Division of the Vanuatu Meteorological Service graduated with a Master’s Degree in Meteorology after a two-year postgraduate programme at the University of Philippines. He has now returned to Vanuatu and resumed his official duties as Manager of the Climate Division.

Another staff member is studying meteorology at postgraduate level at Pune University, India.

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