June 2011

Upcoming events


Date Title Place

4-6 July

12th Meeting of the WMO Scientific Advisory Group on UV and IUGG Conference  (UV session) (co-sponsored)

Melbourne, Australia

4-15 July

Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project, RA II - Southeast Asia, Training Workshop

Hong Kong, China

7-9 July

Extended Hydrological Prediction Workshop

Melbourne, Australia

11-13 July

22nd Session of the Executive Committee of the Group on Earth Observation


11-13 July

RMIC-2.  JCOMM Marine Instrumentation Workshop for the Asia-Pacific Region

Tianjin, China

13-15 July

Expert Team on Climate Risk and Sector-specific Climate Indices

Tarragona, Spain

13-16 July

Commission for Basic Systems Management Group - 12th session


14-15 July

Expert Meeting on National Drought Policy

Washington, DC, USA

18-20 July

Expert Meeting on Integrated Soil and Crop  Monitoring for Decision Making in Africa

Fairfax, Washington, USA

19-22 July

Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project (SWFDP) Southern Africa, Meeting of the Regional Technical Implementation Team

Vacaos, Mauritius

20-29 July

The 10th Typhoon Operational Forecasting Training (co-sponsored)

Tokyo, Japan

25-29 July

Indian Ocean Panel Meeting

Chennai, India

31 August-2-September

9th THORPEX GIFS-TIGGE Working Group Meeting


5-23 September

The 9th Southern Hemisphere Training Course on Tropical (5-16 September) and the 9th Southern Hemisphere Workshop on PWS (19-23 September)

Melbourne, Australia

8-10 September

Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research

Berlin, Germany

10-11 September

Meeting of the Mesoscale Working Group

Berlin, Germany

12-14 September

Meeting of the CCl Task Team on National Climate Monitoring Products


12-15 September

LOICZ Open Science Conference "Coastal Systems, Global Change and Sustainability" (co-sponsored)

Yantai, China

13-16 September

JCOMM Management Committee - Ninth session


14-16 September

Workshop on "Intercomparison of Flood Forecasting Models - Decision-making for their Selection and Application"

Koblenz, Germany

19-23 September

The Met Office Aviation Seminar (co-sponsored)

Istanbul, Turkey

20-23 September

Inter-Programme Expert Team on Data Representation and Codes

Melbourne, Australia

21-22 September



21-23 September

Meeting of the CCl Expert Group on Quality Management for Climatology


26-27 September

Meeting of the International Organizing Committee for the High Level Meeting on National Drought Policy


26 September-
4 October

DBCP-27 / JTA-31 - Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 27th session;  and Argos Joint Tariff Agreement, 31st session


3-4 October

WMO RA VI Conference on Social and Economic Benefits of Weather, Climate and Water Services

Lucerne, Switzerland

3-6 October

Joint WMO/IACS/IMO and Extreme Seas Project


3-6 October

CAeM Management Group Meeting

Montreal, Canada

4-8 October

10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather  Modification and Meeting of the Expert Team on Weather Modification Research

Bali, Indonesia

10-14 October

the 7th TCP / JCOMM Workshop on Storm Surge and Wave

Macao, China

17-21 October

Meeting of the CBS Open Programme Area Group on PWS Expert Team on PWS in Support of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Beijing, China

18-20 October

3rd Coordination Meeting of the World Weather Information Service Website Hosts

Offenbach, Germany

24-26 October

WMO Joint WG Nowcasting Research and WG Mesoscale Weather Forecasting Research Workshop on the Use of NWP for Nowcasting

Boulder, CO, USA

24-29 October

2011 Meeting of the CCl Management Group (CCl-MG-2011)

Denver, CO, USA

28 October-
4 November

12th International Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting & 3rd Coastal Hazards Symposium and Preparatory Meeting between Representatives of Bodies organizing the Workshop (co-sponsored)

Kohala Coast, Hawai, USA

31 October-
4 November

14th World Lakes Conference (co-sponsored)

Austin, USA

2-4 November

14th Meeting of the AMDAR Panel and the CBS OPAG-IOS:  Expert Team on Aircraft Based Observations - 3rd session

Quebec City, Canada

8-11 November

6th session of the JCOMM Services and Forecasting Systems Programme Area Coordination Group

Seoul, Rep. of Korea

9-11 November

International Symposium on Integrated Drought Information System

Rabat, Morocco

14-18 November

Final Review of the World EXPO 2010 Nowcasting Services Demonstration Project and Capacity-Building Workshop

Shanghai, China

21-25 November

2nd SDS-WAS Training Workshop and Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee (North Africa-Middle East-Europe)

Antalya, Turkey

1-7 December

5th International Verification Methods Workshop

Melbourne, Australia

5-7 December

Meeting of the CCl Task Team on Data Rescue (DARE)


5-9 December

Meeting of the CBS Open Programme Area Group on PWS Expert Team on Communication, Outreach and Public Education Aspects of PWS

Mombasa, Kenya

8-9 December

Round Table Discussion with Financial Partners and the 9th session of WHYCOS International Advisory Group (WIAG)



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