High-impact of weather and climate events in February 2006


The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.

Heavy rains, floods, flash floods, mudslides - Algeria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Lesotho, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Yemen  

Floodwaters triggered by torrential rains destroyed mud-brick houses and other shelters in three camps in the desert region of Tindouf. 

Heavy rains caused the worst flooding in 5 years in the north and north-west. 

Devastating floods following days of heavy rains affected more than 12,000 families and  killed at least 13 people.  

At least 16 people died in Rio de Janeiro when torrential rains destroyed their homes.   

Over 25 people died when parts of the North Sulawesi provincial capital were inundated with one-metre high floodwaters after hours of rain. 

The heaviest rains in two decades killed five people and forced thousands of others to flee their homes. 

Hundreds of homes and businesses were evacuated after the heaviest rains in 50 years triggered landslides.  

Landslides remain a substantial threat to survivors in the entire area covered by last October’s 2005 catastrophic earthquake in Pakistan.

At least 350 houses were covered by soft mud up to 10 m deep when part of Mt Guinsaugon disintegrated after being drenched for two weeks by downpours.

Heavy rains triggered flash floods in parts of Oahu, closing schools and disrupting traffic flow.

Flash floods killed at least three people and trapped hundreds of others. Many were swept away.

Drought - Great Britain, Somalia

Great Britain
The worst drought in a century: in many parts of the south-east, reservoirs were at less than half their capacity at a time when they should be at or near full.

The country was hit by severe drought putting to risk hundreds of thousands lives.

Heavy snow, avalanche, winter storm - Aghanistan, Germany, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, USA 

Eighteen people died when avalanche struck a mountain.

Germany had its heaviest snowfall in a decade, with up to 70 cm in parts of  Bavaria.

At least one person died in an avalanche that engulfed more than a dozen.

Fifty-six people were killed when a snowladen roof in one of Moscow’s biggest markets collapsed.

A total of 589 people died from severe cold when the country experienced record-breaking low temperatures of around -25°C.

A record-breaking storm buried sections of the north-east under more than 61 cm. All three major New York area airports were closed for almost a day, and airlines cancelled more than 500 flights.

Thunderstorm - USA   
Severe thunderstorms and torrential rains flooded parts of St Petersburg, Florida.

Sandstorm - Cyprus
A severe sandstorm caused respiratory problems and disruption in air services.

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