High-impact of weather and climate events in January 2011


The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.

Heavy rains, floods, landslides, monsoon - Australia, Brazil, Philippines, Sri Lanka


At least 30 people were killed and over 80 were reported missing in the worst flooding in a century that affected the state of Queensland. Nearly 200 000 people were affected, with about 30 000 houses damaged or destroyed.

At least 806 people died and thousands were forced out of their homes in massive flooding and landslides that hit south-east Brazil.


At least 51 people were killed and about 33 000 evacuated due to floods and landslides triggered by days of heavy rain in the central Philippines.

Sri Lanka
Heavy monsoon rains killed 18 people and displaced nearly 200 000 others in the city of Batticaloa and environs.

Winter storms and cold waves - 
China, India, USA

Freezing temperatures forced the evacuation of at least 60 000 people from their homes; over US$ 200 million economic losses were reported in southern China.

Winter chill killed at least two people in Uttar Pradesh as a cold wave pushed mercury to record lows in Shimla and Pahalgam.

Massive storm dumped snow, ice and sleet across huge swathe in central part, grounding thousands of flights. The storm stretched for more than 3 000 kilometers (2 000 miles) from Texas to Maine.

China, Kenya

Wheat-growing areas in the north were severely affected by the worst drought in a century that hit the China and Shandong provinces.

Severe drought endangered lives of millions of heads of livestock in northern Kenya, causing displacement of families in search of water, pasture and forage.

 - USA

At least six people were killed as tornadoes struck towns in the South and Midwest.


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