High-impact of weather and climate events in June 2007


The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.

Heavy rain, storms, floods, flash flood, monsoon, mudflow, landslide, snowstorm, heat wave, tropical cyclone Afghanistan, Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Kenya, Oman, Pakistan, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, USA

A landslide in northern Afghanistan killed six people.

At least two people were killed and several injured in the capital after a sudden windstorm mixed with heavy rain in Vienna.

At least two people were killed and five others missing in a fierce wind- and rainstorm on the eastern coast.

Floods and mudslides triggered monsoon rains killed at least 100 people in the port city of Chittagong.

Floods caused by prolonged rainstorms brought down about 2000 houses in the eastern province of Jiangxi.

Lightning and flash floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains killed at least 16 people.

Over 2300 people were killed by flooding caused by heavy rainfall in the Indian Ocean coastal region.

Severe flooding resulting from heavy rains that were exacerbated by tropical cyclone Yemyin. Some 200 people were reported dead. Thousands of people were displaced.

Russian Federation
A powerful mudslide destroyed a geyser valley in the remote Kamchatka peninsula.

United Kingdom
Torrential rains around Britain left three dead with several homes flooded and roads submerged, leaving hundreds of people stranded.

Heavy downpours claimed 11 lives in Texas.

Snowstorm - South Africa
A rare winter snowstorm in Johannesburgclaimed at least one life.

Heat wave - Australia, Romania

Eastern Australia had its warmest autumn on record after record high temperatures in May.

Nineteen people were killed in a heat wave when temperatures reached 35°C.

Drought - China, Lesotho, Ukraine, USA

A prolonged drought in of Sichuan left nearly 4 million people and 4.46 million heads of livestock short of drinking water.

The worst drought in 30 years

Drought adversely affected grain crop harvest.

Water use in Los Angeles was cut by 10 per cent during a record-breaking drought.

Tropical cyclone Gonu - Oman, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tropical cyclone Gonu was the strongest on record in the Arabian Sea and the strongest to hit the Arabian Peninsula. It developed in the eastern Arabian Sea on 1 June and rapidly attained peak winds of 240km/h. Gonu had weakened when it made landfall on the eastern-most tip of Oman on 5 June. Gonu caused about US$ 4 billion in damage and 49 deaths in Oman, where it was considered the nation’s worst natural disaster. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the cyclone caused 23 deaths and US$ 215 million in damage.


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